JoLynn’s Success Story

challenge jump ropeIt’s great when I have a client that are willing to share their story with us. It’s a great motivator to those of us who seem content to ‘read’ about success and maybe aren’t quite ready to create our own. Success comes when we get comfortable with being ‘uncomfortable’. Stepping out of our comfort zone is where the magic really happens. I’m so proud of JoLynn and thank her for sharing her story. Please make sure to leave an encouraging comment.

joLynn July 2013

I am a 49 year old mother of two and I have always loved to exercise. Five years ago I started going through menopause along with 3 of my 5 sisters. Slowly, I noticed some changes in my body and then wham, out of nowhere I had cellulite in places I could have never imagined! On my arms (yikes) front of my thighs (bigger yikes) and way too much in my abs.

So, like any crazy runner, I started to run more, really shaped up my eating habits and still, not much changed in the way of fat. So, I decided this was the new me, time to start accepting my changing body and realize that this is part of aging. I kept telling myself to “STOP BEING SO VAIN!” But, it was more than that, I just didn’t feel good, not at all like myself.

That is when I purchased “The Fat Loss Factor” which got me on the right track with eating. But, still I was cranking out way too much time running and to be quite frank, I was burnt out with it and I felt like a slave to it. That is when low and behold I was introduced to my answer (finally) “Challenge Fat Loss.” I was so excited when I found your program and I couldn’t believe it, only 4-5 days a week of exercise and for only 20 minutes a session?! Now, this part took some self control for me to change my thinking that I didn’t have to hit it 6 days a week for 2 hours a day. But, the science behind it made so much sense to me and I have been so inspired by your physique (we are the same age..March 19th I turn 50).

I am now on my 3rd time going through your program and I can see my abs, cellulite is gone in my arms and almost gone in the front of my legs!! Yay! I can wear shorts and skirts again. Thank you Shawna, you truly inspire me and I love your videos…challenging-yes, fun to work along with you, Brian and Sean, yes. ( I can’t seem to keep up with Sean though).

My fitness goals are not so much with my weight. I have never owned a scale and honestly the only time I weigh myself is at the doctors office. I think I could venture into the land of eating disorder if I am not careful, so I avoid the scales. I want to continue to stay strong (thank you for that as well), flexible and maintain this amazing energy level I am feeling again.

I also, have been inspired to help other middle aged women like myself to stop being so hard on themselves and sharing with them how they can reach their fitness goals. I have told so many women about your wonderful program and I hope they are checking it out! I told my husband if I had the time to invest I would go back to school and learn as much as I could to help out menopausal women with proper eating and exercise and start a menopausal bootcamp!

JoLynn received a preview copy of Challenge Jump Rope. I can’t wait to hear of her progress. She was so excited to get the program that she started the plan without a jump rope, she just did a ‘phantom’ skip until she had time to run out and buy one. This is the kind of enthusiasm that fuels a body transformation like JoLynn experienced. She took simple ideas, like in Challenge Fat Loss and fought her school way of thinking that she needed to do hours of cardio, and she went HARD for 20 minutes a day. She said she’s not concerned about the scale, but she’s lost CELLULITE in all her trouble spots. She’s energized and feels better than ever.

On another note:

If you feel your shoulders are ‘lagging’ or you want to emphasize them, below is a great little routine to add in. I always tell my boot camp clients that we’re going to do a hip reducing routine when we do this sort of thing…Why you ask? Well, because when you emphasize the shoulders and build a little shoulder width, it gives the ‘illusion’ of smaller hips.

DB lateral raise 2

I promised a reader one of my favorite shoulder routines, so here it is:

  • 45 seconds of jump rope (go figure I love to jump rope!) 5 seconds rest
  • 45 seconds of DB lateral raises, 5 seconds rest
  • 45 seconds of BB upright row to shoulder press, 5 seconds rest

Repeat four times

Have fun with this one!