Q n A Friday, July 26th, 2013

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If you’ve been getting my emails this week, you know that I’ve introduced you to a friend, Ryan Faehnle.He’s a fat loss expert and has provided a ton of amazing content for us. His fat loss tips include practical things like:

  1. Eliminate carbohydrates other than veggies from your diet except for a one-hour window after intense weight training workouts. And indulge in a single Cheat Meal once every 5-7 days.
  2. Probiotics will help immensely with belly fat, love handle fat, AND fat legs.  It’s just too versatile to NOT have in your cabinet.
  3. If you’ve got loads of fat around your belly button, I recommend keeping your workouts to 30 minutes or less!
  4. In the big scheme of things, calories do matter. BUT, the hormonal effect of the foods you eat is far more important. To optimize your hormonal response to food, eat plenty of protein & tons of vegetables. Load up on healthy fats like olive oil, coconut oil, and organic full-fat butter. And reserve “starchy” carbohydrate intake to the hour immediately after your hardest weight training workouts.
  5. To re-set the thermostat to burn hotter and longer, you simply indulge in a pig-out session with your favorite foods once per week, for an hour or so.
  6. Do a low calorie / high nutrient power cleanse for one day every 10 days.
  7. One of my best secrets to helping people get ripped is to load up on iodine.

He’s got lots more tips HERE on this page.

Worthwhile checking out 🙂


Question: I used to be a jump rope enthusiast when I was younger, in my teens, twenties and thirties. But now due to injuries, a slip disk and Acl on my right knee. I cannot jump rope any more. Do you have an alternative? I also live on the top floor of a building…I heard rebounding was a good one. Any advice on how I could adapt your workout for similar results. thank you, Josée

Answer: The best alternative to jumping rope is a ‘phantom’ skip. This is when you simulate jumping rope, but your feet don’t actually leave the ground completely. A re-bounder is another option. You could easily do my workout with the exercises and a phantom or re-bounder skip in place of ANY jump rope step. For you Josee, you could do a phantom skip (pretend) or use burpees or mountain climbers or something more intense for some of the sets.

I’m glad that you’re not giving up and you’re looking for pain free ways to move versus sitting on the couch 😉

NOTE: For Challenge Jump Rope – Don’t get too bogged down with the actual ‘steps’ in the workout. I’ve added those in for variety. Basically if you’re getting the rope over your head and under your feet consistently, you’re doing well. If you can increase intensity by doing double unders or high knees, all the better. In truth, once you become a proficient skipper, you can do an easy skip and not even get winded, so it’s important to have these higher intensity options or challenges to keep the workouts tough. But, especially if you’re new to the jump rope, just get as many continuous skips as you can.


Question: Hi, I purchased Challenge Jump Rope workouts. I love them both as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. Thank you!
Also I love the workouts to use myself since I’m always switching it up and hardly ever repeat the same workouts. In the rope workouts, when it says skipping sprint, would that mean jump rope? What is a Phantom skip? Thx again for some great ideas! Karen :0)

Answer: If you watch the 1-2 min coaching videos, all the exercises are explained. As well there is an exercise library. The ‘sprint’ is with the rope. The term ‘phantom’ skip, freestyle and pepper are explained in the document. The phantom skip is a ‘pretend skip’ (mimic), pepper is fast skipping, freestyle is ANY type of skipping.

I hope this helps, please look at the coaching videos.


Shout out for Challenge Jump Rope!

I received this email from Jamie (thanks for sharing girl, even if you’re too shy to send me a picture yet):

Since I’m a girl who doesn’t actually need to lose weight (I just have the fitness goals to MOVE, to FEEL BETTER, to have FUN, and to SHOW some nice muscle) I feel like I’m qualified to give a testimonial for challenge jump rope, even though I’m only a few workouts into the program.
So my goals are —>

To MOVE – Yep, challenge jump rope gets me moving for sure!

To FEEL BETTER – Check on that goal, too – moving feels good, jump rope feels happy, and something about jumping around actually ends up feeling quite mentally calming and clearing. I certainly feel better since starting 🙂

To HAVE FUN – Yes-siree. it’s fun BEFORE you even start ! – It’s JUMP ROPE, how can you not smile just knowing that ! – Even using a ‘phantom rope’ is fun – it’s imagination! Challenge jump rope turns you into a happy-go-lucky kid all over again 😀

And finally to DEVELOP SOME MUSCLE – okay, so I haven’t been using this program for very long, but I can feel what muscles I’m using (EVERYTHING!) and I can tell by the intensity that I am going to be looking good in no time.

… and for those who ARE looking to lose weight – you will certainly be working yourself, and having an absolute blast doing it. fun fun fun!

I vote two thumbs up to challenge jump rope and thank you Shawna K for creating it 🙂

Jamie (another Alberta girl)


You can’t go wrong with my Challenge Jump Rope program. You’ll get 31 workouts and coaching videos to show you ‘how to’. With the price of the program at $19, it  works out to about 60 cents a workout, not including the 4 weeks of bodyweight training you get as a bonus on top of that. Tell me what value you can get for 60 cents anywhere?

challenge Jump rope grp


As you may or may not know, Challenge Burpee is on the way! I’m filming coaching videos and there will be follow along videos too.. This is a screenshot of one of the videos, see the red arrow in the picture? This is what you get when you have your 16 year old son help with video taping…any idea what’s in the bag here? Let’s just say ‘no jelly beans on the set’ for the next filming session…;)

jelly bean bust