Another Challenge Jump Rope Workout

Sometimes the simplest things are the best, but we complicate our life with what seems to be ‘new’ and sexy.

Jumping rope may not seem sexy (but let me tell you it has it’s benefits where pelvic floor muscles are concerned! ;))

challenge jump rope 3

When you use a jump rope, you work your heart, lungs, legs, arms, shoulders, and abs. You don’t get that with a treadmill. It’s also not nearly as much of an impact on your joints.

This is why you burn so many calories per minute, up to 19 calories/minute when you jump with intensity. This allows you to use short, intense workouts to burn fat…

… but without the cortisol. Cortisol is what leads to belly fat. Cortisol is built from long, 60-minute workouts and long, boring cardio. Remember the M2A principle that I talk about in Challenge Fat Loss? The same principles apply with Challenge Jump Rope.

I don’t have time for 60 minute workouts for one thing. For another, I have a short attention span. I think I speak for MANY when I say that it’s difficult to maintain ANY level of intensity when you think you have to do something for an entire hour. If I know I have only 30 seconds to  one minute of something, I can work my tail off. Even if I have to do 10 rounds of something, it’s those short bursts that keep me going, rev up my metabolism and burn fat like crazy.

Look, I’m no super human machine. I’m just like you, I just happen to know what works to help melt fat and tone muscle. Short burst training combined with strength training in the right combination is the magic bullet of fat loss and building a shapely physique.

Do 30 seconds of the following:

  • jump rope
  • prisoner squat
  • jump rope
  • decline push up
  • jump rope
  • prisoner bulgarian split squat
  • prisoner bulgarian split squat

Repeat up to 5 times.

You can’t go wrong with my Challenge Jump Rope program. You’ll get 31 workouts and coaching videos to show you ‘how to’. The launch price of the program is $9, so that works out to less than 30 cents a workout, not including the 4 weeks of bodyweight training you get as a bonus on top of that.

challenge Jump rope grp

Time runs out today though. After that you’ll pay double (still less than 60 cents a workout ;)) I really want EVERYONE  to be able to pick up this program, that’s why I’ve priced it this way.