Challenge Jump Rope – Alternative to Running?

Challenge workouts

Question: My knees get sore with impact exercises like running and jumping jacks, will I be able to jump rope pain free?
Answer: Remarkably jumping rope is easier on your joints that you’d think. You need only jump about one half inch off the ground and when you do a double jump, you distribute your weight over BOTH feet as opposed to only one foot when running. This makes a tremendous difference. Take a look at this video:


Question: Is your Challenge Jump Rope program all bodyweight?

Answer: Yep. That’s why this is the perfect summer program. Grab your jump rope and head to the beach, your backyard, where ever you find yourself. All you need is your bodyweight, a rope and a bit of space. Some workouts have pull ups, but I have an alternative for those exercises. Workouts are under 15 minutes so there’s no excuse: everyone has 15 minutes to help themselves get more fit and lean.


Question: What’s your favorite jump rope?

Answer: I get this all the time, so I thought I’d mention it again. My rope isn’t anything special. It’s an Everlast rope. I got it from Walmart for $12.97. It’s plastic and it has large foam handles. It’s just the right weight and length for me.

jump rope



You can grab Challenge Jump Rope here.

challenge Jump rope grp

The price more than doubles tomorrow, so grab this and get jumpin now 😉



Question: Will my dog Sev ever learn that porcupines are NOT to be played with?

Answer: Probably not… but  see how he’s still smiling? Maybe he thought he got closer to winning the ‘battle of the porcupine’ this time. $600 and 200 quills later, Sev is up to his same shenanigans of hoarding shoes (he doesn’t chew them, he just surrounds himself with them ;)). For those of you new to my ongoing stories about Sev, he’s our rescue dog that was found in a ditch full of porcupine quills. You’ll notice he lost an eye, but not his will to beat the dang porcupine! Fingers crossed that there won’t be a re-match anytime soon.

sev porked 2