How to save $1487.03 and lose more fat

The average treadmill costs about $1500.


If you LOVE to run, then this may be of value to you.

If you have the ROOM for this monstrosity, then this may make sense to you.

If fat loss is NOT your goal, then fill yer boots, go ahead and drop $1500+ on this machine.

The majority of people will do long, slow cardio on the ‘dreadmill’. Studies have shown, time after time that running, jogging or walking on the treadmill is the MOST INEFFECTIVE method of fat loss.

Even if you choose to do intervals on the treadmill, you’re spending a whack of cash.

Have you caught onto my bias about the treadmill yet? You can bet that I don’t have a treadmill.

I want to make it clear that if you LOVE LOVE LOVE to spend hours on the treadmill, if it’s your happy place, then  never sell it. But I think you’re in the minority here. But, if you’re looking for a way to save money and lose fat in record time, let me introduce you to my friend:


challenge jump rope 2

My favorite jump rope cost me $12.97 at Walmart of all places. It’s an Everlast rope, simple and a thing of beauty 😉 I saved $1487.03 and I’m leaner and more fit all at once.

Not a jump rope fan yet? I say ‘yet’ because if you actually give it an honest go, I’m sure I can ‘convert’ you. I have 21 ways to help you change your mind. Then I have 10 more reasons for you to ‘finish’ your workout strong with your jump rope. You’ll get 31 nasty Challenge Jump Rope workouts and I’ll even throw in a month of bodyweight workouts for you.  For $19.

challenge Jump rope grp

No, jumping rope hasn’t caused brain damage, I’m just so sold on the benefits of jump rope that I want EVERYONE to be able to afford and benefit from them. You’ll also get video previews of each workout. This is a quick 1-2 minute video so you’ll see me demonstrate each move so you’ll know exactly what to do.

So, if you want to save a TON of cash and time, grab a jump rope and my program before Friday and get leaner faster while having more fun 😉