Jump Rope – Why did we ever stop?

Did you jump rope as a kid? Of course you did. We all did. Why did we ever stop?

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The benefits of jump rope are long and list worthy…


  1. Easier on the joints than running, especially when you do a double foot jump you distribute your weight on BOTH feet versus just one foot.

  2. High intensity = greater fat loss faster.

  3. Fast workout – who has an hour to do ineffective boring cardio anyway?

  4. A fast workout decreases the release of the fat storing hormone cortisol that results with long cardio sessions.

  5. A fast and intense workout encourages the release of the fat burning hormone GH (growth hormone).

  6. Increases bone density since jump roping is a weight bearing activity.

  7. Increases coordination, balance and athleticism (and you just look cool doing it).

  8. Involves the upper body to increase strength as opposed to most cardio such as running and cycling which is purely lower body based.

  9. There’s so much variety in jumping rope you’ll never get bored.

  10. FUN! Why would kids jump rope if it were a drag? Seriously, we were onto something back on the playground, it’s time to get back to it.

  11. BONUS: I know you may feel that with jump roping you’ll ‘pee your pants’ but with increased jump roping sessions, you can train your pelvic floor muscles so that sneezing isn’t a ‘pee your pants’ moment either. Need I mention the other benefits and pleasures with tighter pelvic floor muscles?


I’ve got something fun for you:

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This is a awesome at-home program with coaching videos for each workout. You’ll get 31 workouts (21 workouts and 10 ‘finishers’).


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