Short (Sweet?) and Intense: The Metabolic Mayhem Way

I have a guest post and workout today from a good friend of mine, Ben Teal…

ben teal and me

I am a self-proclaimed runner. Well, even that might be taking it a step too far. I’m more of an adventure racer. I’m not that great at the running part; I’m not going to break any land speed records.

But I love running and sliding around in mud and climbing over things and I do alright.  But here’s a secret. Spending an hour running 6-7 miles didn’t put any distance between me and the fat I needed to lose during my second transformation. That might get me to the finish line, but it wouldn’t melt fat nearly as fast as I wanted. I needed to add a few other moves and crank the intensity way up if I wanted to dominate what would become my second transformation (read the story here).

Testing the Tests

At a high level, I did a lot of research when I created my step-by-step fat incineration plan. One of the articles I researched followed three groups of cyclists. One group trained for an hour daily. Another trained for just 10 minutes, and the last group trained for only 2 minutes a day in short 30 second bursts of mad cycling.

At the end of the study the cyclists in every group improved, but the crazy thing is the cyclists who only devoted an insane 2 minutes to cycling had the exact gains in time, muscle tone, and coordination as those who trained longer.


I decided to apply the same premise to my fat loss. It was easy to translate to running. I decided that instead of my usual slog on treadmill, I would run for only 5 minutes, total. [This did not include my warm up. I hate to see what I’d strain if I tried to go from zero to full out without a warm up.]

I’d hop on the treadmill, walk for 30 seconds and then crank it for 30.  At first the hardest part was not flipping off the back end when the pace ramped up. I got the rhythm and really worked up a good burn in only five minutes.

Completing the Circuit

But I knew I couldn’t just show up to the gym and run like a startled gazelle for 5 minutes and go home.  I might have less time than I had a decade ago, but I did want more than 5 minutes in my happy place.

And I knew that I wanted to build muscle as I was ripping through my transformation.

So before running, I decided to throw in a 12-minute Metabolic Mayhem routine.

Here’s what I did:

  • Seal Jacks x 20 reps
  • Push Ups x 10 reps
  • Tuck Jumps x 6 reps
  • Mountain Climbers x 10 each side
  • Lunges x 6 each side

I did this workout “on the 0:90”. What that means is that I start the circuit at 0. Then I repeat it at 1:30 (1 minute, 30 seconds), 3:00, 4:30, 6:00, 7:30, 9:00, 10:30, and 12.

I explain it all here:

This is a fun way to do a workout because it forces you to think and make trade offs. You can workout harder and faster and have more time to rest, or you can workout a little slower and have less time. Either way, you’re getting butt-kicking intensity.


Now, what if you can’t do a circuit in 90 seconds? No problem. If it takes you, say 1:40 to do the first circuit, you simply rest until you get to the 3:00 mark. It’s perfect for people at all levels.

Systemizing It

Now, it’s one thing to give you a workout. But the truth is, you can’t really take a bunch of random workouts and see maximum results. Would you see results, sure? But they could be better.

The fact is, though, putting together a plan is hard, particularly with the way busy schedules are. And they’re just getting busier. Plus, if you don’t have a plan, it makes it hard to maintain focus because there always seems to be this cloud of confusion – the fog of “what am I going to do next” – hanging over you.

That’s why I took my entire Metabolic Mayhem Method and combined it with all of my mindset, motivation and willpower tricks and turned it into the ultimate done-for-you fat shedding system. One day at a time. Step-by-step.

I don’t have time to wonder what to do next, and, if you’re busy like me (I spend way more time shuttling kids around and just sitting in traffic than I’d like to admit), then you don’t either.

You have enough problems. What you want is more solutions. If that sounds like something that’s interesting to you, check out the Metabolic Mayhem High Definition System. I like to say that I’ve done everything for you except seat on your carpet!

See you soon!

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