Weighted Vest Challenge

What’s it like to train with some extra weight? I used a weighted vest for the workout below to get a feel for it. I found that it was EXTRA challenging and I feel for anyone that has a bit of weight to lose. I want to encourage you keep at your workouts, adding exercise is the BEST way to drop the weight. Of course you’ll need to maintain solid nutrition as well since you can never out train a bad diet.

wgt'd vest

I was surprised at the added challenge of an extra 20 lbs when I tried to train. I’ll keep adding the vest to workouts to increase my intensity for certain movements. I noticed that impact exercises were the toughest. Jumping rope was a wash at first, my knees were NOT happy with that and I’m a skipping fool normally. Since I’ve had a few workouts with the vest on since this first one, I’m now able to jump rope with the vest, I’ve run stairs, and I even run hills. It’s amazing how the body adapts.

That’s actually a good AND bad thing. Your body can adapt when you GAIN weight. You slow down and don’t feel as good, but you manage. Imagine going the opposite way, losing those 20 lbs, how your body will adapt? It will get stronger, faster and you’ll feel like greased lightening doing many things. For my last set, I  sometimes take off the vest and wow, do I feel like a pixy.

Here’s the workout I did:

Do 1 min of work with a 15 sec rest/transition

  • burpee
  • squat
  • push up
  • prisoner revenge lunge
  • pull up (band assisted) or inverted row

Do up to 4 rounds

Here are the best ways to modify each exercise:

-do a burpee walk out or a full body extension
-drop to the knees to protect the lower back on the push up
-do assisted band pull ups, inverted rows, suspended rows, BB or DB rows instead

Stay the course with your fat loss. Don’t WAIT until you’ve dropped weight before you start exercising.

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