Q n A June 29, 2013

Question: What’s so special about the suspension trainer? Can’t I just use bodyweight exercises and DB’s?

Answer: I love the suspension trainer for my own training and I use it a lot in my fitness boot camps. I travel with it, I use it outdoors. It really spices up my training. I made a few videos to show my three favorite suspension training moves:

I know you love follow along workouts and my buddy Dan Long now ha  ALL follow along workouts on the suspension trainer.

Dan has you covered whether you’re a beginner or super advanced. In fact, some of his advanced moves are pretty crazy.

Check out the Suspension Revolution.


When you grab Dan’s program, I have a bonus for you too, just email me your receipt and I’ll send you this:

trx challenge workout graphic



Question: What’s the best food to eat at night?

Answer: You’ll want to avoid carbs late in the evening hours as they give rise to the storage hormone insulin, shutting down fat burning and increasing fat storage as your metabolism is slowing in the hours before bed.  But what you may not know is that carbs aren’t the only foods that yield a significant insulin response, and that some protein sources actually spike insulin even higher than white bread or pasta.

4 best foods to eat before bedThe 2 big insulin offenders are:

1. Red meat
2. Fish

In a study performed by Australian researchers and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers discovered that these 2 protein sources (and several others) spiked insulin levels to a degree similar to — or even GREATER than — bread or pasta.

Instead, you’ll want to choose protein sources that score low on the insulin index, and Tim & Joel show you exactly which proteins those  are, along with several other great late-night food choices for a flat belly in their free report The 4 BEST Foods to Eat Before Bed.

Download your free copy in few seconds at the below page:

==> The 4 BEST foods to eat before bed (100% free, no strings)


Question: What does it look like from your perspective while doing a Challenge Fat Loss workout? (said no one, but I wanted to include this in the Q n A ;))

Answer: In the ‘down time’ during some filming in Lapeer, Michigan, camera man Josh decided to strap this Go Pro camera to my head. It was good fun and we created a fun workout for you too (see below). You’ll get a dizzying perspective from the Go Pro camera.

The Go Pro camera is sort of a cool little thing, but it didn’t feel that cool… I felt it was gonna break my nose bouncing around while I jumped rope. I have a pin head and obviously had the strap too loose.

In any case, take a look at the workout and give it a try (Go Pro camera optional ;))

Here’s what you’ll do:

30 sec work/10 rest
Up to 5 rounds

  • burpees
  • pull up variation
  • side to side bench step
  • get up
  • jump rope

Rest 30 sec

Repeat 3-5 times

Have fun!

Grab all video follow along Challenge Fat Loss workouts (no Go Pro camera though) HERE.