Lessons from Martin Rooney

I usually will have workouts and nutrition information for you on my blog, but today, I wanted to share something different.

I recently attended my friend and mentor, Craig Ballantyne’s TT Summit. (the ‘TT’ stands for Turbulence Training). The whole event was full of my fitness family and friends; trainers and coaches from all over the world. Coincidentally, another group I belong to, a Fit Body Boot Camp coaching group, was meeting that weekend too, so it was doubly good. I got to hang out with other Fit Body Boot Camp owners, my best fitness friends and fellow TT certified coaches. The biggest disappointment in the weekend was that the clock kept ticking and there just wasn’t enough ‘hang out’ time with everyone. Oh, and another highlight was meeting cool Challenge Fat Loss clients like Tom and Nicky. They really made me feel like a rock star, when in fact, they are the inspiration to me.

Aside from the good social times, like pancakes Sunday morning with Mike Whitfield and his lovely wife, Sabrina, there was a lot to learn.

pancakes TT Summit

The stand out for me this weekend was meeting coach Martin Rooney. Martin is a world renowned coach and speaker. (He’s everywhere, just Google him.) He was in charge of Saturday morning boot camps that I attended with trepidation. Martin is known for his hard core training and I wondered what he had up his sleeve.


martin rooney boot camp

As it turned out, the boot camp was a great lower body finisher complex, but more mental than physical exercise. He motivated and inspired us to be better coaches to all our clients. He challenged us to be better personally at whatever we chose to do.

My favorite ‘Rooney Rule’ that he introduced us to in the boot camp session was: Last rep = BEST rep. When the going gets tough, push out one more rep and make it the BEST rep.

I had a back challenge workout planned after the boot camp (confession: I secretly don’t like participating in boot camp session as much as I like teaching them). I took his ‘last rep = best rep’ premise to knock out a killer workout on my own.

Then it was back into a session of more ‘Rooney Rules’ and Top Ten Success Actions with Martin. If you ever have a chance to listen to Coach Rooney, you definitely don’t want to pass it up. Martin is an amazing speaker. He weaves entertaining stories filled with wisdom to teach his lessons. I don’t know how he had only TEN points in his presentation; I was madly jotting down notes and came up with many more.


martin rooney


I thought I’d share the highlights with you. These are things to think about and live by whether it relates to your workouts or life in general.

GPS – Get your Philosophy Straight (What do you stand for?)

A+S+DI=R Action+Strategy+Do it = Results (The ‘do it’ part is the success action that leads to ‘results’.)

Ignore the little voice – You know, the one that says ‘NO you can’t’.

Control your thoughts  -Think BIG and it can be done.

Do the most important thing – Focus and ‘be present’. There’s no such thing as an ‘effective multi-tasker’.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable – All the fun happens outside your comfort zone. 

Learn to P.U.S.H. – Persist until something happens
ACE– Action Changes Everything

K-A=0 Knowledge minus action equal nothing

K+A=W Knowledge plus action equal wisdom

Take off the Emergency Break – Go ‘all out’ at any endeavor.

Clean up your own backyard – Don’t concern yourself with what others are doing.

3 medicines: Sleep/Proper Nutrition/Exercise – Make sure these things are in place!

Write down goals: Be a goal setter to be a goal getter.

You’re a product of your priorities – For example there’s 168 hours/week if you can’t find 5 to workout, your health is NOT a priority.

Learn to listen:
L – listen
I –  inquisitive (ask questions)
S –  smile
T – transfer positive energy
E – eye contact
N  -name usage

Get engaged:
E – energized
N – nurture the mind
G – give performance
A – acknowledge feelings
G – give good feedback
E – encourage with praise

Make a difference

Going to the TT Summit, listening to great speakers, meeting new people and clients ‘made a difference’ to me. I highly recommend surrounding yourself with positive people: those that you can serve and those that you want to learn from. Be open minded and follow your passion.