Beginner Suspension Training

I don’t get excited about many ‘gadgets’ for fitness, but there is one ‘gadget’ that I use all the time, it’s the suspension trainer. I often set it up outside in my back yard. (You can see my TRX hanging in the back ground.)

 backyard workout

Suspension training is the perfect body solution for all ages and can handle everyone from beginners to advanced fitness levels. Watch expert Dan Long as he explains the how to set up a suspension trainer and do beginner exercises:

1. First Exercise- Simple Row

2. Second Exercise- Shoulder Fly

3. Third Exercise- Squats

It’s a quick transition from one exercise to the next. The best part is, you’ll engage your core in EVERY exercise. The best way to modify any exercise is simply to decrease the angle of pull (walk your feet in towards the anchor). Don’t take my word for it, head here where Dan will take you step by step from beginner to advanced workouts in FOLLOW ALONG workouts.

Do you feel a little intimidated by a new piece of equipment like this? Feel you’re too ‘old’ to try something new? Watch this:

Dan is one of the highest energy coaches I know. He’ll take you by the hand and push you like you’ve never been pushed. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner, Dan has the beginner, intermediate and advanced person covered. You’ll need to get a suspension trainer, however, the low cost of his program will make up for it. For the price of his program, you could only get about 20 minutes with a mediocre inexperienced trainer. Let Dan help you find your best body this summer.

Check out the Suspension Revolution.


When you grab Dan’s program, I have a bonus for you too, just email me your receipt and I’ll send you this:

trx challenge workout graphic