Q and A June 21, 2013

Challenge workouts

Question: Hi Shawna, I picked up some coconut palm sugar, instead of honey to sweeten my coffee in the morning. What are your thoughts on this all natural sweetener? I have tried stevia and do not like the taste…Candace

Answer: I checked with my good friend and food nerd, Nick Pineault on this and this is what he has to say:

Coconut palm sugar is similar to honey because it’s just another kind of natural, unrefined sugar. Definitely a good choice in coffee.

That being said, sugar is still sugar so if the person is trying to burn fat as fast as possible or wants to reduce sugar consumption I’d recommend xylitol or erythritol (sugar alcohols) instead.
If you want to read more from Nick (the Food Detective), he’s got a ton of great info here.


Question: I know that you run a fitness boot camp, do you have any special tricks up your sleeve to keep people coming back month after month?

Answer: I like to spice up my boot camps with games and my ‘go to’ game creator is my ‘fitness son’ Brian Kalakay. Brian has created 31 MORE boot camp games that just use body weight or common things like tennis balls. They’re so easy to implement in the last 5 minutes of your boot camp workout. Clients go home laughing and talking about the game. Games create a lot of excitement and tend to bring me a ton of referrals.


TT games 2.0


Grab Brian’s new TT Boot Games 2.0 and see for yourself.

I’ll also throw in my ‘Do Anywhere’ workouts for you to use with your clients. Just send your receipt to ruckuspub@gmail.com and I’ll send you this:



Question: My question is:  what is the best time to do a workout?  I would rather do it first thing in the morning, but am afraid that since I haven’t eaten that I won’t have enough strength. If I wait until after I eat, I tend to get nauseous.  I am eating small meals/snacks every 2-3 hours, so i guess the best thing is to do it right before lunch, because I am not really hungry then but haven’t just eaten, either.  I can’t do it too late in the day because I get lazy then. Do you have a preferred time? Thanks, Virginia

challenge fat loss

Answer: The answer is easy…the best time to workout is when YOU have the most energy to bring to your workout. For some this will be first thing in the morning, for others, it will be late at night. You need to experiment with what feels right for you and what you can eat before your workout. I generally train in the morning with a light breakfast and then I’ll eat something more substantial after. If you have no energy at night (me neither), then this is the worst time for you. I think your plan of right before lunch is perfect for you. Hope that helps.


 How to Get a One Eyed Rottweiler in the Car in 10 Easy Steps:

If you happen to have a one eyed car phobic Rottweiler, here is your step by step guide to successful car travel:

1. Open car door.
2. Sneak said dog up to the car on his blind side. If possible release a rabbit or squirrel as a distraction device as you approach.
3. Once he catches on and turns tail to run, drop your body on top of him to contain him, all the while cooing lovingly. You may say things like ‘you’re not winning this time you little shit’ as long as its said with love
4. Pray to God for strength as you try to lift the writhing beast, with your legs of course, perfect deadlift form to protect the back (aren’t you glad for all your functional training now?) and shuffle to the door.
5. Hoist said beast onto the seat whilst your vigilant partner stands six at the car door.
6. Starfish the door to prevent escape and quickly try to get your own hands, legs and feet in the door quickly to avoid amputation as the car door is slammed behind you.
7. Continue the gentle cooing ‘f’g crazy dog’ in a loving voice.
8. Hog tie panicked animal to allow driver to enter the vehicle without a jail break.
9. Drive with Rottweiler on and off your lap panting and pacing.
10. If possible, do a round trip without having the dog exit the vehicle to prevent an instant replay with the defeat fresh in his mind. (He will surely have a heightened flight response for the return ride.)

Happy travels!

True story.

Pictures unavailable (hands were a little busy).