TT Boot Camp Games 2.0

My good friend and ‘fitness son’ Brian Kalakay is full of it. When I say ‘it’, I mean energy and non-stop fun. I’ve spent a fair amount of time with him in his studio in Lapeer, Michigan and his boot camp is always really bringing down the house. I don’t think I’ve met anyone with as many cool ideas as this guy. He had a DJ in on one of the Saturday’s that I was at the studio and everyone was hootin’ and hollerin’. Good times.

TT games 2.0


If you’re a trainer, then you’ll want to check this out: I got a chance to talk to Brian about his new TT Boot Games 2.0 program that he’s just released. Here we are at his studio (in between filming fitness videos for Challenge Fat Loss) where Brian teaches me a game in less than 2 minutes:


Brian has created 31 MORE boot camp games that just use body weight or common things like tennis balls. They’re so easy to implement in the last 5 minutes of your boot camp workout. Clients go home laughing and talking about the game. ‘Adults are just kids that grew up’  Brian says and I agree. They really enjoy the silliness of games and the cool thing is they don’t even realize how hard they’re working while playing.


TT games 2.0


Grab Brian’s new TT Boot Games 2.0 and see for yourself.



I’ll also throw in my ‘Do Anywhere’ workouts for you to use with your clients. Just send your receipt to and I’ll send you this: