Snacks on the Go

I try to eat a little before I get too hungry and stop eating before I’m full. I know this sounds a little backwards. Healthy snacking is a great way to kill the ‘eat the kitchen sink’ problem that sometimes happens. You know, when you don’t eat for so long that you’re famished and then tend to over eat. Your best line of defense is to plan, plan, plan when it comes to nutrition, including your snacks. Snack ideas seems to be the toughest.

Abs are made in the kitchen but if you can’t be in your own kitchen, you need to make healthy choices on the go. Everyone drops by a convenience store at times. What are the best choices you can make when you’re in a pinch that will support your fat loss goals? I recently had a peek at the best choices (as you can see they are pretty limited given the rows and rows of foods in those stores).

Here were my top picks:

-protein shake – watch for added carbs, keep it under 10 g

-hard boiled eggs

-fresh fruit

-roasted almonds

-protein bars – watch for carbs, often times bars have 40+ carbs, keep carbs under 10 g, sugar alcohols and fiber don’t count towards total carb count

I’ve recently stumbled on COOKIES. In fact, I even brought them to boot camp one day and my campers thought I was nuts. Truth is, these cookies are like no other. They are gluten free and have 12 g of protein in them. I ALWAYS have one in my car, purse and in my back pack when I travel. I feel like I’m having a bit of a treat, but I know I’m not sabotaging my nutrition when I eat one, whether I’m on the go or if I want a treat at home.

You can check out my new favorite protein filled snack for on the go HERE.

Here are some of my favorite snack ideas for when I’m at home or can prepare:

  1. Hummus and red peppers
  2. Jerky and cantelope
  3. Cheddar cheese and apple or pear
  4. Cottage cheese and peaches
  5. Turkey or ham slices and pickles
  6. Pistachios and nectarine
  7. Hard boiled egg and grapes
  8. Peanut butter on celery sticks
  9. Greek yogurt and berries
  10. Cottage cheese, whey protein and flax oil (you can check out MY favorite protein HERE)

I know you’re working your butt off on your workouts, so you don’t want to blow it with your nutrition. You can literally mess up your day in 5 minutes if you go to town on eating. So as a rule of thumb, eat a little before you get too hungry and stop eating before you get full. Use these healthy snack ideas to support your workout efforts and you’ll be better off.