Planks for the Abs

I love to do planks to increase core strength and stability. Planks are great for active recovery as well.

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Here are a few tips to ensure proper form:
• Stack the shoulders over the elbows
• Keep the ears in line with the shoulders
• Tuck the tummy in as if trying to touch the belly button to the spine
• Keep a straight line between the ears, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles
• Drop to the knees if necessary

The side plank is also a great way to strengthen the core. Keep these tips in mind:
• Fully extend at the hip
• Squeeze the shoulder blades together
• Keep the ears in line with the shoulders
• To intensify, raise the top leg while maintaining extension at the hip
• Drop to the knees if necessary

It’s a worthy goal to be able to hold a plank in the front and side positions for up to a minute. Remember that you can’t ‘spot reduce’ or get rid of the muffin top by JUST doing planks or other great core conditioning variations of the plank. These need to be combined with metabolism boosting and muscle toning exercises as well. Here’s a great bodyweight circuit that you can do that will help:

Use a timer and do 30 seconds of each exercise. Get as many reps as you can during that time. If you can’t work the entire time, don’t sit down, keep moving as much as possible even if it just means walking around. Take 5 seconds to transition to the next exercise:

  1. bodyweight squats (prisoner position with the arms)
  2. jumping or step jacks
  3. push ups or modified push ups
  4. full body extensions
  5. plank

Repeat up to 5 times.

I take all the thinking out of putting planks together for you in fun workouts to do at home, all you do is sweat =)

You’ll find all follow along videos.

Check out my plan here.

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