More Pull Up Tricks

Pull ups are bad ass. Period. Anyway you slice or dice it, you can’t beat the pull up for athleticism and overall strength. Oh, and you look cool doing them too 😉 I don’t ‘do cool’ much so it’s lucky that at least I can do a pull up to make up for the uncoolness in the rest of my life.

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Here are some ways to help you with your coolness…err, I meant your pull ups:

What can you do to strengthen your back when you have no pull up bar?

Here are six alternative exercises, including two bodyweight exercises that you can use when you have no pull up bar. These exercises can significantly increase strength needed to increase your pull up power.

Exercises include:
-inverted row
-bent over BB row
-DB row (single or double)
-renegade row
-prisoner style exercises (like squats. Lunges)
-wall stick ups


Pull Up 3+3+3

Here’s a great method to increase strength for the pull up, or any other movement that you’d like to improve your strength.
Ensure you’re fully warmed up.

  • Do a 3 second concentric contraction, 3 second isometric hold, 3 second eccentric contraction.
  • Repeat for 5 reps, rest, repeat for 4 reps, rest, repeat for 3 reps, rest, repeat for 2 reps, rest, do one rep.

Pull Up 5×1

Here’s another  method to increase strength for the pull up (or any other movement). I like to finish with as many sets as I can with this format.

  • Do 1 rep, rest 5 seconds, do 1 rep, rest 5 seconds.
  • Repeat this pattern until you can’t do any more reps with good form.

If you’re doing this method with a weighted move, choose a weight that you can get 2-3 reps with. In the end you’ll have done 5+ reps. The rest allows you to continue, but beware to make sure your form doesn’t suffer as you fatigue.

I have an entire pull up program to help you. It’s not JUST for learning pull ups though.  It’s actually a full body program that’s geared to help you get your first coveted pull up or your 20th. You’ll get strong in other movements and super fit in the process.

This program is part of my ‘Shawna K Workout’ portal where you’ll have full access to these workouts including daily LIVE and on-demand follow along workouts here: