Q n A June 7th, 2012

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Question: Do you EVER cook anything edible? (Smart ass reader, quite possibly one of my own children)

Answer: YES! I recently bragged about a cooking victory on Facebook and promised to put up the recipe…

Edible Gluten Free Protein Pancakes

challenge fat loss


3/4 c egg whites

2 scoops Bio-Trust Creamy Vanilla protein powder (you can try another, but I can’t guarantee the fantastic results ;))

1 tbsp natural peanut butter


Mix it all up so there are no lumps

Pan fry in a small amount of coconut oil over medium-low heat until golden. (I covered the pan with a lid.)

Flip over, toast the other side (it won’t take as long)

Serve ’em up with berries.

Self high five!


I had many people grab Chris Lopez’s new kettle bell program. For those of you on the fence, I often get asked these same questions that I’ll let Chris answer:

Q: Are there Hard Copy DVDs available for the Kettlebell Evolution?

A: YES!  That’s been one of the biggest requests that I’ve gotten – to produce a hard copy video product that people can follow-along to.  There is an option to purchase Hard Copy DVDs and a Manual when you order the digital product download.

Q: I’m a complete beginner, can I still use the Kettlebell Evolution?

A: Yes, BUT…Within the KB Evolution Package, as a bonus, I’ve included My Hardstyle Kettlebell Essentials Manual & Instructional videos.

This 16-video series is a tutorial that takes you step by step through all of the Hardstyle Essential Kettlebell exercises to help you get proficient at them.

If you’re a beginner, you should go through Hardstyle KB Evolution first and then go through the KB Evolution Program.  Hardstyle Essentials can sell on it’s own for $97.  I’ve included it for free as a bonus in the KB Evolution Package.

kettlebell evolution for challenge fat loss

                                                                                      Here’s Kettlebell Evolution: A whole lot of value if you ask me!

=>Check out Hardstyle Kettlebell Essentials free bonus

Remember to email me your receipt when you grab Chris’s program so that I can send you this:

kb virgin challenge wo graphic
Three follow along workouts using basic KB moves.


And finally…the dog situation…for those of you new to my blog, you can read about my beloved Desi-dog here and why I’m in a ‘situation’ now.

Question: Mom, will we EVER get another dog? (Hannah K)

Answer: Hannah, you clearly got your stubborn and relentless nagging from some where, (must be from the paternal side of the family 😉 I shouldn’t react with positive reinforcement, (but I figure it may come in handy as you pursue educational and employment opportunities, right?)…

It’s closing in on a year since Desi left me. I’m still mad (pronounced ‘heart broken’) at that dang dog for leaving me suddenly and without warning. I’m not good with being mad  (broken hearted), so it’s been very tough to consider opening my heart up to another dog. Hannah has been ready to get a dog for a very long time and has worked on me relentlessly. She’s found the most deserving and lovable dog that needs a home.

Our plan, once I considered a dog, was to rescue one. We had such a difficult time looking at shelter websites at all the homeless and lovable pets that needed a family. Once we started looking, although I told Hannah that I hate all dogs and children, she knew that I wanted to bring them all home. We went to one shelter and she warned me, ‘Mom, don’t cry, they won’t give a dog to a crazy lady.’ As it turned out, I couldn’t stay to look at the dogs there that were either too large or noisy for my small condo. We left and I didn’t cry till I got to the car. Hannah was mad at me since she wanted to stay and love up the lonely dogs even if we couldn’t bring them home. In hindsight, she was correct, those dogs could have used some temporary love. Hannah teaches me a lot about love –   last fall she went to Uganda and worked in a baby orphanage for six weeks loving up babies that she knew she’d have to eventually leave. (She managed to come home without one baby in her suit case.) Those babies were lucky to get her love and attention for a short time. I regret not being as strong as her at the shelter, I should have spent some time with those lonely dogs.

To make a long story longer, Hannah found one dog through an organization called AARCS that won her heart over all the others. I put off the inevitable for as long as possible. I made her help dig up the back yard to put in a run, pour gravel,  apply to the condo board for pet approval…she kept jumping through hoops. Secretly I wanted this dog too, but I needed Hannah to prove to me that she’d be responsible for caring for it.


Finally we went to meet Sev at his foster home. He has a tough story. He’s not a pet that everyone would want. He was found in a ditch full of porcupine quills and as a result, he’s lost an eye. The shelter that rescued him has helped him return to full health. I’m really proud of Hannah for choosing this unlovely dog. She told me that all the adorable puppies will be adopted, but a two year old one eyed dog‘s luck may not be as good. Sev has a sweet and loving disposition. He seems calm and steady and just wants to be loved, he doesn’t bark and seems to be the perfect fit for a small condo. We back onto a huge fenced off leash dog park, so he’ll have a great life with us. Hannah is beside herself. We pick him up later today….

Sev and Hannah