Is your schedule jam-packed?

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Do you want to get some exercise into your day, but you look at your schedule and it just doesn’t let up?

What can you do?

Don’t tell me you ‘don’t have time’ to fit in a workout.

female fat loss over 40

I’m here to say that there’s always room in a busy schedule for a workout; sometimes you just have to be creative.

For fun, I did this workout video for you in the Flint, Michigan airport. Here’s what you’ll do:

Do 40 sec of work/10 sec transition or 10-15 reps of each exercise (if you don’t have a timer)

Do 3-5 rounds

  • Burpee (or full body extension or walk out burpee)
  • Bulgarian split squat
  • Bulgarian split squat (Do standing split squat or one-legged stiff leg deadlifts if you have sore knees)
  • Decline push up (flat or incline push up)
  • Wall sit stick up


This is a workout that you could actually do in an airport, or anywhere you find yourself. You only really need a chair, a wall and the gumption to get up and get moving.

Of course, just because I did this in an airport, it doesn’t mean that YOU have to do it in public. Feel free to do this workout in your living room.

My point is that you can ALWAYS find a way to fit in a workout that will hit your entire body.


female fat loss over 40

The treadmill, or ‘dreadmill’ as I prefer to call it, is the LEAST effective method of exercise, especially if fat loss is your goal. It’s lower body based, it tends to be low intensity, it opens you up to over use injuries and it doesn’t address core strength, stability or upper body strength. The treadmill does very little to build lean sexy muscle tone – which is likely your goal if you want to increase your metabolism, fat loss and double takes when you walk by.

Have I convinced you that you can literally train anywhere? I hope so.

Fitting in a bit of exercise is a lot easier than you may think. Don’t throw money at a lack of fitness by buying expensive home equipment or even an expensive gym membership that will go unused.

Instead, make yourself a promise that you’ll find less than 30 minutes a day to sweat with me. You can get my Female Fat Loss Over 40 videos here and my Challenge Fat Loss videos here. I’ll take you through effective, balanced workouts that will help you lose fat and build lean, sexy muscle. These are all follow along workouts, they can be as challenging as you want. That’s the beauty of follow along workouts because I can talk you through every step of the way.

And don’t worry, it’s not a pre-requisite to go to an airport or other public place to get your sweat on 😉