Pilates – Dirty Little Secret

No one wants to pee their pants…but I  know it happens all the time. My clients in my fitness boot camps mention it whenever the jump ropes come out or when HIIT options like jumping jacks are offered. Luckily I have mostly women in my camps so we all get a big laugh and no one gets too uncomfortable talking about it. But it’s not really a laughing matter. I have a guest post from my friend, Sylvia, the Pilates Chick below. She addresses the ‘pee your pants’ issue and more 😉

Pilates – Dirty Little Secret

By Sylvia – The Pilates Chick

You may be wondering what this dirty little secret is.  Have you ever experienced peeing your pants when you’re laughing too hard or when you do jumping jacks or jump rope?

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If you’re a woman, especially one that’s given birth, you sadly know what I’m talking about. The pelvic floor is the main culprit for this. But I have good news: when you focus on moves that will strengthen the pelvic floor and the deep core muscles, it tightens everything. The pelvic floor acts as a hammock and supports the uterus, rectum, bladder and aids in sexual performance.

Pilate’s dirty little secret is that by tightening up the pelvic floor, you’ll avoid the ‘pee your pants’ experience and you’ll also spice up your love life. A tight pelvic floor = better sex!

What a great incentive to try some Pilates moves, right? Pilates movements originate from deep abdominal work and engagement of the trunk and torso. You’ll achieve better sexual performance, pleasurable orgasms, as well as a strong, tight, sexy core and a lean fit physique.

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For more on Pilates and it’s perks in and out of the bedroom head over HERE.

Here are some cool moves to get you started:

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