Secret to Success

Recently I was at a 50th birthday party. It wasn’t my party, but it was for a long time friend, Elaine. We went to junior high together and I was pleased to see that ‘the old gang’ would be at the party. Turns out that we’re all turning the big 5-0 this year.


We used to get together a few times a year but it’s been about 3 years since we’ve seen each other. I was probably considered the ‘jock’ of the crowd I hung out with (the word ‘freak’ comes their mind I’m sure). My friends were active but nothing over the top crazy. I think I have beautiful friends, they were beautiful when we were young and they’ve aged gracefully.

 high school sailing 300x223 high school sailing

This gang and I used to go sailing with one of our high school teachers. We used to create quite a stir when we’d come into port. It’d be like the Volkswagon bug with clowns emerging, the bikini clad chicks just kept coming off the boat with no male sailors on the crew. Wow those were good times.

Back to the 50th birthday party…

We were standing around chit chatting when one of our very own gang members came in the front door. My friend Gaylene looked puzzled. I could see her going through the Rolodex of faces in her head trying to place the beautiful and fit woman before her. (I knew who it was as we’d be in contact in the past year). Gaylene just couldn’t place this woman.

As it turned out, the woman in question was my old friend and now client, Judy. She actually looks MORE fit at 50 than she did in high school. She’s leaner and has sexy curves. It’s not surprising that her husband of 30 years came in smiling behind her. Not many men can brag that their woman turns ‘Benjamin Button’ and just get younger over time.

I wanted to share Judy’s story with you since I think it’s pretty inspiring….

 Judy Hill – Fitter at 50

I have always been active (I play volleyball twice a week and I love to hike and cross-country ski) and tried to stay in shape, but it always seemed that I would be doing just ok. I never seemed to gain much – fitness or weight – but I never really felt good about how I looked. It was also very easy to allow things like work, errands, or other stuff get in the way of making my fitness a routine. I needed to exercise on my own. Motivation was always a struggle. Then I found Shawna, her program and her blog. I used her program and finally achieved the results I was looking for. I am so proud of my accomplishments and feel so good about how my body looks at 50 years old, that I can honestly say its better than when I was 28. My husband says I am sexier than ever.

Here are my results from the last year of my new fitness life…

Weight 141 lbs 129 lbs Loss – 12 lbs
Arm 10 ¾ in 11 in Gain – ¼ in
Chest 35 ¼ in 34 in Loss – 1 ¼ in =(
Waist 29 ½ in 27 in Loss 2 ½ in
abdomen 31 in 29 in Loss – 2 in
hips 38 in 26 in Loss – 2 in
thighs L 23 ¼ R 23 1/4 L 21 ½ R 22 Loss – L 1 ¾ R 1 ¼
Total inches = 10 ½

Shawna, I just want to thank you for all of your support, your motivation, your nutrition and exercise tips and programs and for being my “guru” whenever I had questions. It means the world to me to know you are there “in my back pocket” and I am very excited about my middle years and all it has to offer because of my new found lifestyle. It just goes to show that if a person really wants to do something, really puts the effort in, things will happen and success will be there. Making fitness a very important part of my day – when I don’t do it I feel tired and have no energy – is just mind over matter. Make up your mind to do it and it does matter! Its a “for me” time now and that’s how its going to be for the rest of my life.

Judy was using Challenge Fat Loss principles all this time. She was my ‘guinea pig’ of sorts. She’s proof that even though she’s at an age when most women are gaining weight, she’s losing and looking better than ever. She got an advance copy and is tearing through the workouts. Her feedback is invaluable so that I could improve the program. You can check out Challenge Fat Loss HERE.

Congrats to Judy for her fitness successes. She gets the biggest prize of all and that is to keep the rockin’ bod 😉