Ab-orama Challenge Fat Loss Workout

Looking to show off your abs this summer?

Well, there’s bad news in that you can’t ‘spot reduce’, but the good news is that my new M2A scientifically proven workouts will target your belly fat. Workouts are designed to increase production of  fat burning and lean muscle toning GH (growth hormone) while cooling the jets of the hormone cortisol which is the fat storing hormone.

Here’s an example of a workout that will torch fat and tone your abdomen at the same time.

This is a challenging workout that includes:

  • one legged burpee (Holy hamstring burner!)
  • ab roller or plank reach
  • hanging oblique leg lifts
  • sit out or mountain climber
  • shoe touch

Do each exercise for 40 seconds with a 7 second transition to switch.

Check out more workouts that you can actually follow along and train with me HERE.

This is my new Challenge Fat Loss program designed to help you get lean and strong at home in 20 minutes or less.