Is finding TIME for your workout your biggest challenge?

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I know what your schedule is like…mostly because I live a busy life too. I know how you burn the candle at both ends, you multi-task with so many things and yet your ‘to do’ list still is a mile long. Trust me when I say that we live parallel lives if you’ve got a jam-packed schedule. However, we never use the excuse that I ‘don’t have time to workout’ do we?

Do you find time to brush your teeth? Of course you do. It’s something that’s non-negotiable. And I know that you believe that that’s how our workouts need to be…

And so, we get creative on those crazy busy days 😉

Not too long ago, I was in Michigan to film more Challenge Fat Loss videos for you. As well, I was filming for good friends, Dr. Dan Ritchie and Dr. Cody Sipe for their exciting upcoming program called ‘Functional Fitness’.

As if I didn’t do enough video workouts in the two days of filming we did, I decided to do ONE more video at the airport for you.

There are two reasons I did this: First up, I wanted to remind you that you really don’t need much time, room or equipment to get a sweat on.

And secondly, I did it for the sake of whomever was sitting next to me on the plane. The workouts in the videos I did on that particular travel day were all beginner level ones for Dan and Cody’s program. I had to rush to the airport before I got a ‘real’ sweat going. I had seven hours of sitting ahead of me…and well, I’m a little on the crazy side…(my children will attest to this and vow that they’ll never travel with me for fear that I’ll break out in burpees somewhere). The ‘I can’t sit still’ bug would strike and I’d get fidgety. By getting a little workout in, it allows me to calm down and sit still. (Good thing I have carry on luggage and a restroom to freshen up before the flight).

So, whether you think I’m crazy or not, here’s the workout I did at Gate 11 in the Flint, Michigan airport:

Do 40 sec of work/10 sec transition or 10-15 reps of each exercise (if you don’t have a timer). Do 3-5 rounds.

  • Burpee *Lower intensity: full body extension or walk out burpee or to increase intensity: double jump burpees
  • Bulgarian split squat
  • Bulgarian split squat *Do standing split squat or one-legged stiff leg deadlifts if you have sore knees
  • Decline push up *flat or incline push up
  • Wall sit stick up

The dude operating the camera was just an innocent traveler on the same flight as me. Yes, I’m sure he thought I was more than a little odd, but really, who cares? He was nice enough and even if he thought I was crazy (it’s hard to argue on some days), I won’t ever see him again anyways. He seemed happy enough to hold the camera and then carry on his own way (pretending like he didn’t know me ;))

YOU don’t need convincing that you can literally train anywhere do you?

Fitting in a bit of exercise is a lot easier than most people think. I hate to see people throw money at their lack of fitness ‘problem’ by buying expensive home equipment (especially the ‘dreadmill/treadmill’) or even by getting an expensive gym membership that will go unused.

Especially when there are so many more effective and fun ways to get a sweat on and meet fitness and fat loss goals.

I know you’re time strapped and your fitness solution needs to be straight forward and effective. If you haven’t already done so, make yourself a promise that you’ll find less than 30 minutes a day to sweat with me here.

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These are my Challenge Fat Loss workouts. They are 20  minutes or less, they are all follow along videos, take up a minimum amount of space and use very little (or no) equipment.

I’ll take you through effective, balanced workouts that will help you lose fat and build lean, sexy muscle.

And don’t worry, it’s not a pre-requisite to go to an airport or other public place to get your sweat on 😉