A 25 Pound Personal Journey

I want to introduce you to my client Suzie.

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Prior to working with me and my workouts, she had gained 25 pounds in a year. She came to this realization:

“I have to say the toughest part of changing my ways was actually leading myself out of denial and making up MY MIND that it was time”

Initially she started to run to meet her goals. She ran because she LOVED running but she was disappointed with the results. Running just didn’t cut it to get the body she had hoped for. Not only this, her running brought on an insatiable hunger and NO weight came off (or she actually gained weight).

She realized that she was interested in MORE than just weight loss. Her goals changed to these:

  • She wanted health and life and strength.
  • She realized her mental health was just as important as her physical health.
  • She found the roadblock, set her goals, and clarified her intentions so that she started to hold herself accountable.

And that’s when the magic really happened!

She started to do my workouts up to six days a week. Workouts were only 20 minutes in length and used her bodyweight as resistance and a whole lot of science to deliver a kick a$$ metabolically challenging workout at home. Some days the workout were as short as 12-15 minutes.

She said, ‘There’s so much variety to my workouts that I’m never bored! Trust me, I get bored REALLY fast! So I think this is why I am still sticking to the program. My long workouts are 30-45 minutes, depending on whether I add a 4-6 minute “finisher” onto the end, and every other day they’re short. I get in, get out, and get ‘er done! And in 20 weeks, I haven’t missed a workout…now that’s consistency!’

Did she change how she ate?

Suzie is a nutritional anthropologist so she understands nutrition as it relates to health.  What she loves about how she eats now is that it’s delicious, nutritious, filling and it’s REAL food. She eats clean 80-90% of the time and lives her life 100% of the time as a result of  it. She eats for performance and weight loss and inches lost has been a happy coincidence.

So what has Suzie’s progress been so far?

In 20 weeks of following the program,  Suzie has  managed to trim 7″ from her waist, 7 1/4″ from below her waist, 3″ from her hips, 2 1/2″ from her thighs and 1 1/2″ from her arms. She’s also lost 25.4 lb!

But more importantly, she’s gained muscle, tone, and control of her life.

So…here’s what she likes the most about this change:

  • It’s not a diet
  • Suzie has made a lifestyle change and one that fits HER lifestyle. She’s able to get her workouts done in under 30 minutes when SHE wants to at home.
  • She makes healthy choices for eating and training a priority.

I’m super proud of Suzie and the progress she’s made with my coaching. An added benefit is that many people in Suzie’s life have followed her lead to become more fit.

If you want results like Suzie, you can apply to see if you’re a good fit here.


Suzie is feeling good in her jeans again (and looking even better if you ask me!)