Challenge Fat Loss Teaser

It was workout #32 on day three of filming. The team was a little bedraggled to say the least, but some how we mustered up the juice to keep going. We had 33 videos to shoot before I caught a plane back west to Alberta and Sean jumped in his car north to Ontario Canada.

I was in Lapeer, Michigan along with gym owner and dynamo, Brian Kalakay and Corporal Sean Francis of Kawartha Lakes Fit Body Boot Camp and Fit Corps. I chose my team based on their knowledge, crazy energy and of course, dashing good looks 😉

The beauty (and the curse) of these workouts is that they’re short but intense. The idea is to work anaerobically to stimulate lactic acid. If you didn’t know, lactic acid is a powerful precursor to growth hormone and GH (growth hormone) is diabolical in the fight against fat and helps build lean muscle too. Since adults are well past the age where they’ll experience a natural boost in GH, this is one of the best ways to burn fat and build muscle.

Take a look at just two rounds of the workout here:

prisoner squat
swing lunge
swing lunge
triple stop push up
mtn climber

This is a deceivingly easy looking workout that turns out to be not so easy once you repeat the circuit six times.

The timing is 20 seconds of work with a 10 second transition. You don’t need to take the rest if you don’t need it. The key is to really keep your exercise form perfect. If you don’t have a timer, do 10 reps of each exercise and count to 10 between sets (as you get tired, you’ll notice that you’re counting slower on your rest sets 😉

Stay tuned for my new program coming up, all follow along videos, a nutrition plan, bonuses and more. A super fun home program that’s based on scientific principles to burn fat and build muscle while getting you in super shape. Just in time for the beach.

PS. Challenge Fat Loss is NOW out and a big success…check it out HERE. You’re gonna love it!

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