Team Turbulence Training

I’ve got to make this quick…mostly because I’m about to fall asleep after a long day of filming.

I’m in Lapeer, Michigan with Craig Ballantyne, Mike Whitfield and Brian Kalakay to help Craig film for his Turbulence Training program. His workouts are over the top amazing, but doing three of them today, on pretty much only a shake and an apple has taken it’s toll.

Craig had us up and filming at 7 am, not a bad start time, except that it was 5 am my time, after a long flight from Calgary and little sleep. I’m a Starbucks girl, but there was no time for that. Brian managed to sneak out to grab us coffee later in the day.

The fact that we didn’t really have breakfast probably worked out to our benefit. I asked Brian if he had a shop-vac when the offer of lunch came. I knew if I ate and had to do one of the tough TT workouts right after, the saying would be ‘what goes down-must come up’ 😉

Craig Ballantyne Turbulence Training

I wanted to give you  a taste of the kind of punishment that Craig had in store for me today. You see, he has some of my Challenge Workouts in his TT Home Revolution and when filming those, he seriously took my name in vain. It was definitely payback time. Let me just say, there were a lot of burpees with a double jump (I’ll be adding this into my workouts on a regular basis), jump rope, body weight squats and jumping jacks in succession. This was after chin ups and barbell squats both with a three second decent T push ups and more. Sweaty good times.

Workouts were tough, but lots of fun. Turbulence Training videos won’t be available until around September, but hang tough, they’ll be worth the wait and I have some other programs to keep you going in the mean time.


These videos are NOW AVAILABLE. Head HERE to take a look at Turbulence Training 2.0. I’m SO impressed with how these videos turned out and how nicely Craig laid out the program in such a user friendly manner. Well worth the sweat and swearing (under my breath of course ;))








Coincidentally I had a client send me this picture and Facebook message just this morning: I thought it was pretty cool that Colette is using all four of our programs to train at home. Colette is women about my age, and as you can see, she looks amazing and her strength and performance are threw the roof.

The good news is that people everywhere are tapping into our programs to better their health and physiques. Colette is solid proof. You can even benefit from using them ALL as Colette did. Video follow along workouts are an affordable fitness option and they are really helping folks meet their fitness goals. You can train safely with the instruction from a professional at a fraction of the cost.

First their came Craig’s Turbulence Training.

Mike brought out his Workout Finisher 2.o (soon to have follow along videos too).

Then there was Brian’s Lean in 17 program that debuted this week. Fat loss workouts done in less than 17 minutes.

You can see my Challenge Fat Loss workouts here.

We’re a great team now that I’m Turbulence Training Certified (Gee, did I tell you that? Yipee for me! I’m definitely part of the ‘cool kid crowd’).

Turbulence training, Craig Ballantyne

These guys are amazing trainers and I’m honored to work with them and call them ‘friends’. I couldn’t ask to work with better folks, even if our idea of ‘fun’ is to make each other throw up. It’s all for YOU. We want YOU to have great programs so you can be a fitness super star like my client Colette above.





If you’re interested in the guys programs, you can check them out here:

Turbulence Training from Craig

Workout Finisher 2.o from Mike

Lean in 17 from Brian

I’ve got another day of filming tomorrow, super excited/exhausted.

Good times indeed 🙂