Q n A Friday, April 26, 2013

Challenge workouts

Question: I feel like I’m getting an exercise groove on. Between running/walking with a friend,yoga and your program, I’m fitting in time most nights to get some form of exercise. I am also doing great on the diet side of things at work. I struggle with the snacks and bad habits once I get home. I have small kids, so eliminating all snack foods from the house is too complicated. Help and suggestions? Tanya

Answer: Thanks for your email Tanya. Here are a few tips:

Your kids should be eating healthy snacks too, try to avoid boxed crap and junk food. Their health is as important as yours.

Log your food in a food journal. Make a promise that if its going in your mouth, you have to write it down. This can be on pad and pen or your phone or on an online service like My Fitness Pal. The point is,
you’ll think about what you eat more this way.

If you really want a snack, wait 10 min and see if you still want the same snack. Often that lag time will help you change your mind.

Make sure you’re eating enough in the day that you’re not starving. You should never be starving, never be stuffed. Get to know your body and your true appetite. Are you hungry or just bored?

I hope that helps,



Question: I’m bored with my workouts. I’ve been going to the gym and doing the same thing on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I do push muscles on Monday, legs on Wednesday and pull muscles on Friday. I usually do some cardio on the weekends.  I know I should change it up but I’m not sure how. Summer’s coming and I need to get going, suggestions?

Answer: I have a few suggestions. First up, you can NOT go to the gym and do some follow along workouts at home. You’ll get early access to my Challenge Fat Loss program on May 6th.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for more fun workouts, you should check out my ‘fitness son’ Brian Kalakay’s Lean in 17 plan…Brian is full of energy, he’s actually in my Challenge Fat Loss videos for you so I know what he’s all about: energy, energy, energy! He’s a lot of fun and he provides great workout solutions.

Brian calls me his ‘fitness mom’ 😉


No boring cardio and crunches here..Not only is long cardio followed by endless crunches BORING, but it’s also ineffective for fat loss.

Get all 30 of his follow-along workouts here <== On Sale this Week

lean in 17

Here are my top 10 workouts you MUST do from Brian’s “Lean in 17” program:

10. “Totally Ripped”

Mountain Spiders, Reaches, and Bears, This workout will literally leave your entire body feeling 127% ripped and energized. You’ll get shredded with brand new exercises working muscles you didn’t know you had

9. Dear Fat, YOU’RE FIRED!

The huge variety of movements in this one will tell your fat that it is fired. This perfect mix of exercises will jack up your heart rate and burn fat, giving you more cardio and ripped abs than an old-school “cardio & abs” boring workout ever could.

8. The Upper Body Metabolic Attack

This Metabolic Attack starts off with the crazy new “single/single/double pushups” and wages war from there. The only way to burn fat is to attack it like a full-scale battle. Plus, you’ll get chiseled arms to show off this summer.

7. Smells Like Success

If you’re wondering what that smell is after this workout…It’s success! Every lunge variation under the sun is in this one, which means a tighter butt and amazing-looking legs. But what about abs? Well, we have you covered in…

6. The Core Crusher

This is what “cardio & abs” looks like in 2013. Gone are the boring machines and dangerous abs exercises like sit-ups. Instead, you’ll do a metabolic workout with a core crushing twist. This “no crunch” abs workout will develop every muscle in your core and give you a flat, sexy stomach, let alone more definition.

Get all the ab workouts here and do them along with Brian

5. I Love Burpees

These are not the same ole’ burpees you’re used to. These have 4 NEW burpee variations that will break any plateau and keep your body burning belly fat at double the rate of slow, boring cardio. Plus, this intense workout – and every workout on this list – will give your body a post-workout metabolic after burn boost, burning hundreds of calories while you enjoy more time with your friends and family

4. Cinder Block Syndrome

Have you ever got about half way through a workout and your legs are starting to feel a little heavy? Maybe they feel as heavy as cement Cinder Blocks? Well, this workout will have that same effect, but there’s better news – your body will have to work hard to recover from something like this and that means more calories being burned.

3. Ripped Abs Assault

I dare you to compare this to traditional “cardio & abs”. The Ripped Abs Assault will blow away any of those old-school workouts and will make your abs feel like they just ran ten 200-meter sprints! Plus, the Ripped Abs Assault will break the boredom of “classic ab exercises” and replace it with cutting edge moves that will develop your core 3 times faster than ever before.

2. Metabolic Lean Legs

If you want leaner, sexier legs, then you’ll get them with this workout. This is the perfect routine for your lower body because it pairs unique compound leg exercises with total body moves. The end result will be accelerated results, faster muscle definition, jaw-dropping legs. You’ve never seen some of these moves before!

1. Who Needs Treadmills?

This short but effective workout will totally redefine that way you think about traditional cardio. By the end of this you will be asking yourself, “who needs treadmills” for cardio…not you.

Yikes, tough choices, all good fun and all done in 17 minutes or less.

You can grab all of those workouts – and do them with Brian with follow-along videos right here.  (Sale ends tonight.)


Question: What’s a quick workout before you get on a marathon cross country plane trip? 😉


 This was my workout this morning before I jumped a plane back to Michigan to film with Craig Ballantyne, Mike Whitfield and my ‘fitness son’ Lean in 17 Brian Kalakay. I’m helping the boys out with more ‘follow along’ videos. This time for Craig and his Turbulence Training videos. Should be a weekend of grueling workouts and with any luck, Mikey will have us eating pancakes at some point.

I didn’t have much time so I wrote my workout up on my whiteboard in my gym and told myself to ‘Go!’

If you can’t read it, here it is:

Count down…No Barfin Allowed

  • 10 burpee pull ups
  • 10 box jumps
  • 10 push ups
  • 30 second plank recovery

Count down from 10 reps of each exercise to 1 rep of each.

I didn’t want to do the math before hand, but if you want to know you’ll do: 55 burpee pull ups, 55 box jumps, 110 push ups (because you’ll do a push up on the burpee too ;)) and 5 minutes of plank. My time was 16:23, do this workout for 20 minutes or until you finish and BTW, no barfin allowed (not in my gym anyway…)

Stay tuned for more Challenge Fat Loss workouts comin’ up!