Lean in 17 Minutes? (Yup it’s possible)

challenge workout

Do you have 17 minutes?

Do you want to lose your tummy?

My follow along videos were such a hit, that I thought I’d share another resource with you.

Take a look at this workout from my friend Brian Kalakay (you’ll see him in more of my own follow along videos coming out May 7th)

Here’s what was in that workout (print and go do it!)

Lean Challenge – AMRAP in 10 min

  • Total body extensions 10
  • Push up opposite knee touch 10
  • Alternating reverse lunge knee drive 10
  • Mountain spiders 10

How many times can you get through this circuit in 10 minutes? Or an extra challenge, how many times in 17 minutes?

Here’s another workout that you can print out and do in five minutes to get your body into mega fat burn mode.

Brian realizes that you’re always busy and may not have time or equipment to workout with so he made sure that this workout could be done, anytime, anywhere and with ZERO equipment. (What I like about these workouts is that they give me a ton of ideas of what I could do in an airport or waiting room. I’m sort of notorious for this sort of thing.)

Here’s another mini workout from Brian…

The 45/15 Fat Furnace Gauntlet

1.) Total Body Extensions – 45 secs
– Run in Place – 15 secs
2.) Get ups (Plank Tricep Extensions) or Plank – 45 secs
– Run in Place – 15 secs
3.) Jump Lunges – 45 secs
– Run in Place – 15 secs
4.) T-Pushups – 45 secs
– Run in Place – 15 secs
5.) Burpee with 2 Jumps – 45 secs
– Run in Place – 15 secs
6.) 30 Jumping Jacks

* Repeat this 2-3 more times for a full workout or just do one time through if you’re short on time. (5 minutes is better than zero minutes working out.)

If you repeated this circuit two more times (for a total of three times), you would have a taste of what a workout is like from his Lean in 17 Minutes Program.

Lean in 17 Minutes Program

With this program you get:

– 30 Follow Along Workout Videos
– Workout Training Calendars
– 12 Follow Along High Density Finisher Videos
– Printable Success Tracking Journal
– Printable Workout Sheets
– Quick Start Checklist
– Follow Dumbbell Accelerator Workout Videos
– Lean Maintenance Lifestyle Tips Video

lean in 17

ALL For Just $29

This deal is for a limited time though, so make sure you grab this offer before the price hikes up after midnight on Friday.

And stay tuned for my Challenge Fat Loss program that will be releasing to everyone on May 7th. (But…I’ll let YOU in on it on May 6th.)