3 Tips on How to Beat Workout Boredom

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3 Tips on How to Beat Workout Boredom

By Kate Vidulich, CTT

Author:  Fat Loss Accelorators

I have a confession to make. I used to be a treadmill-hamster. A cute, fluffy animal who loved to drink beer and eat banana bread.

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Yep, that was me in a nutshell. Running on the treadmill at a steady pace for 3-4 miles, every other day in a desperate attempt to lose belly fat. This wasbefore I studied Exercise Physiology at Uni, so honestly, at the time I didn’t know any better.

I was sweating it out while watching TV to distract me from the pain. I’m not sure if I was in more pain from the boredom, watching Jerry Springer or the actual running. Either way, I clearly wasn’t having a good time while working out. In fact, every minute I’d have to convince myself to “just finish this half mile”.

The 20-30 minute ordeal was torture. But I kept going, because I felt great afterwards (ha, who wouldn’t it was finally over?!). Plus, initially I was seeing great results.

One day the results came to screeching halt, and I just couldn’t take it anymore. Dreadmill 1 – Kate V 0. Game over.

Working out can be a drag sometimes, especially during the wintertime. But it shouldn’t always be mentally challenging. Instead of shutting up shop, ordering pizza and heading back to the couch full time, consider this.

Is your workout boring your brains out?

Doing an exercise you honestly hate or find boring is just ridiculous. But on the flip side, at times your favorite exercises have to take a backseat and you need to branch out.

Here are my top tips on how to beat boredom and get your workout mojo back.

1. Cut Out the Machines

Do you know why there are TV’s on every piece of cardio equipment in the gym these days? The reason is it’s so damn boring, most people wouldn’t last 5 minutes without a distraction.

Perhaps you’re bored with your traditional interval workouts. You know how it goes, “30s on, 30s off” repeat for 15-20 minutes. (Yawn!)

I like to call it death by intervals, because the boredom is a mind killer.

Try a different approach. Scope the perimeter and you’ll find the hidden gems. My favorite alternate interval workouts include:



-Jump rope


-Anything with Kettlebells

30s on, 30s off is a whole new ball game here. I will bet you 50 bucks most of the time there is no wait time and trust me, you won’t need to spend more than 15 minutes doing intervals.

2. Enlist a Friend

Get yourself a workout buddy to keep you accountable. But choose your friend wisely. Bring your bestie and you might find yourself gossiping more than training, and that’s before you hit the bar afterwards.

Ideally, workout with a person fitter or stronger than you, who you aspire to be like. This will make you play up a level and push your limits. It also helps if they are really cute. 😉

3. Try Something Different

I want to make it clear that this means something different for everyone. It’s very important to look at your personality type and consider what motivates you when trying “something different”.

For example, if you’re highly competitive and driven by improved performance, incorporating timed sets and challenging workouts is a great place to start.Sign up for a race or a competition and train hard for it.

On the other hand, if that’s not for you, try a class that interests you and make friends with other folks. By the way, you’ll never catch me in a hip-hop dance class.

The Final Word

Consistency is the key to getting fast fat loss results and keeping it off in the long run. Keep it simple. Do workouts that make you feel strong, confident and invincible.

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Rock on,

Kate Vidulich, CTT

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