Tougher Than a Burpee?

Tougher than a burpee?

I didn’t think I’d find anything, but the ‘sit out’ rivals the burpee.

What I like about the sit out is that I feel my triceps as well as my core light up. I’m not sure if it’s the position or if it’s just tough work, but these really get me winded.

Check out the pictures (and video) below.

I try to keep the pace up and avoid position #3, rather than stopping with my feet in the center, I hop right into the leg extended position #4. (You can also see a video of my friend, Travis explain the sit out HERE. Scroll down to the second video.)

challenge fat loss
Starting position, keep the knees close to the elbows.
challenge fat loss
Extend one leg and drop the hip to the floor.


challenge fat loss
Once you learn this move, eliminate this center position.


challenge fat loss
Extend other leg and drop hip and continue 😉


























My Cali BFF, Sylvia and I did a workout where I introduced her to the sit out. It was part of a chest focused circuit:

  • 10 DB incline chest press
  • 20 push ups
  • 30 sit outs

Repeat three times.

We followed this up with:

  • Pec dec machine 50 seconds
  • Jump rope 50 seconds
  • Plank hip touch 50 seconds

While sit outs are tough, let’s not discount the power of the burpee. I love burpees and they’ll always big book of beautiful burpee graphicbe a staple of my workout.

If you want a cool burpee workout, go here.

Find a TON of cool burpee workouts HERE. You’ll find ‘The Big Book of Beautiful Burpees’ and video tutorials for each of the burpee workouts laid out for you.


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