Band Assisted Pull Up Option

Need help with your pull ups?

Have you tried the band assist?

The first time I tried the band assisted pull up, the band slipped and I got a pretty good spank and I was a little red cheeked (BTW, I’m not talking about my face, even though it was a little embarrassing).

Using the band can be a little tricky…here’s my good friend, Corporal Sean Francis and Brian Kalakay hamming it up on the set of my Challenge Fat Loss shoot:

Band assisted pull up
Am I doing this right?

No, Sean, that band placement isn’t gonna work 😉

Here’s the correct way to use a band for an assisted pull up:

I like to place the band around my knee to assist me on the way UP to the bar and take my weight on the way DOWN from the bar.

This isn’t the ONLY way to use a band though. My Cali BFF, Sylvia got a little mixed up with the alternative method:

challenge workouts
What’s wrong with this picture?


Here’s another way to do the band assisted pull up:

If the band under the knee is a little easier for you and you need a bit more of a challenge, wrapping the band behind your back is a good alternative.

The band isn’t stretched quite as tightly so you don’t get as much ‘spring’ or lift. Again, you’ll want to try to take your weight on the way down from the bar to work that eccentric contraction.

Remember it’s the eccentric contraction that’s the strengthening phase of the movement, so go ahead and really work that phase.

If you’re looking to improve YOUR pull up power, try these methods. My program lays it all out for you. It’s a full body program that will have you strengthening your back as well as improving overall strength and endurance.

I’d really like to hear from you. I’d like to know:

What your biggest challenge is.

What your best method of an assisted pull up is.

What your pull up PR (personal record) is.

What your pull up goal is and why.

Where the weirdest place you’ve done pull ups is.

Anything pull up related!

Most creative comment gets sent a cool program 😉