Suspension Revolution Workouts

What fits in a shoe box and can train pretty much all 600 muscles of your body?

If you guessed the suspension trainer, you guessed correctly.

I use my suspension trainer a lot. I love to take it to the back yard and hang it from a tree to train. I have a sample workout for you below of something that I’d do outside or in my home gym.

suspension revolution


Do 45 seconds of work with a 10 second transition:

  • Row
  • Alternate single leg deadlift
  • Squat jump (do a squat if you can’t jump the entire time)
  • Chest press
  • Tricep extension
  • Speed squat row
  • Kneeling ab roll out

Repeat 3 to 5 times

Here’s a video demonstration of the exercises:


This is my friend, Dan Long and me at one of our fit pro get-togethers. He’s the one of the most ‘enthusiastic’ guys I know. You can’t help but get excited and pumped up for your workout when Dan is around.

Suspension revolution

Dan found a need in the fitness space and filled it. He created the ONLY online program for suspension training out there.  His program is FULL of beginner to advanced workouts and he’s got all kinds of ‘never been done’ type exercises for you.

Here’s another sample workout for you:

Killer Core Circuit with the 3 Best Exercises

1. Suspended Front Plank w Body saw

2. Suspended Side Plank L/R w Scissor and Reach Under

3. Suspended Reverse Plank w Hip Drop and Raise

*All exercises performed 30 sec to 2 min

**Rest 1 minute and repeat 2 more times.


Suspended Front Plank w/Body Saw:

1. On your knees, face down, place feet in foot cradles of suspension trainer, and support your body on your elbows.

2. Lift your knees off ground and straighten legs into front plank position.

3. Rock your body on elbows back and forth like a body saw for desired amount of time.


Suspended Side Plank L/R w/Scissor and Reach Under:

1. Put feet in foot cradles, and then lie on your Right side. Lock your feet in an offset foot position (top leg/foot behind bottom leg/foot). Get onto Right elbow, and lift body straight up on side elbow, raising left arm straight up.

2. Scissor feet apart, and then reach under with your left hand, and return to start position, with feet locked in offset position, and left arm straight up in air, and repeat for desired amount of time, then get on Left side.

3. Repeat on Left Side/Left elbow for desired amount of time.


Suspended Reverse Plank w/Hip Drop and Raise:

1. Lying on back, with heels in foot cradles, put hands flat on floor, and raise body straight into Reverse Plank position, then lower hips just above the ground and lift back to start position.

2. Repeat for desired amount of time.

suspension revolution


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