Pull Up Controversy

What’s your purpose for doing pull ups? Is it quantity or quality? Strength development? Physique enhancement? Maximum reps?

What type of pull ups do you think are best for strength development and physique enhancement?

I’m all about ‘controlled cheating’ when learning how to do pull ups.

I encourage ‘some’ cheating to get your chest UNDER the bar so that you can work on the eccentric contraction or lowering phase of the movement. The lowering phase is the strengthening phase of the movement.

The PURPOSE of controlled cheating is NOT to get MAX reps, but it’s a means to an end which is to get max reps on clean pull ups.

It can be argued that I don’t always use ‘clean’ reps in my max pull up sets. Agreed. I know I need to lose the minimal kip, I’m also a ‘work in progress’.

What’s YOUR opinion on the pull up controversy? What type of pull ups to YOU use and WHY? What’s an acceptable form of pull up cheating?

Yep, I just want to stir the pot a little and get you thinking.

If you want to know more about my ‘controlled cheating’ techniques head HERE.