Old Dog New Trick Workout

I’m feeling a little like an OLD DOG  with a BIG birthday this week, but I’m SO overwhelmed with the outpouring of love from friends, family and you, that I can’t wait for another 50 years to pass so I can feel like royalty again 😉

challenge workouts

Originally I wrestled with the idea of turning 50, but I think I’ve come to terms with it.

Well, especially now that I’m turning 51 😉

I mean, what’s the alternative? At the very least, any day above ground is a good day. More than that though, I’m going to make EVERY day above ground count.

One way to make me feel like a young pup again is to get in a great workout. I’ve lived in this body for 51 years, may as well make it work for me. Bodyweight training is the best some days! (Take a look at this if you like bodyweight training.)

This workout was a fun one, take a look:

Do 5 rounds with 40 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest:

  • Plie squat jump
  • Pull up variation
  • Box jump
  • Hanging leg raise
  • Decline push up

Collapse 😉

Here’s another great body weight workout:

5 Min 5×5 Bodyweight Blaster

You’ll do 5 minutes, 5 reps of these 5 exercises:

  • burpee
  • push up shoulder touch
  • mountain climber (each leg)
  • prisoner reverse lunge (each leg)
  • prisoner squat

This is an AMRAP set. This means you’ll repeat these 5 exercises ‘as many rounds as possible’ in the 5 minutes.

Now, if you can, repeat this AMRAP set 2-3 more times, with a one minute rest between. Count how many rounds you get each set and try to match or beat your rounds from the previous set. This will give you a workout in under 20 minutes.

You get a full body, heart pounding workout in small space, a short time and with NO equipment. I’d say you have NO excuse NOT to do a workout when it’s as simple as this.

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