Finish ‘Her’

Did you know you’re probably wasting about 84% of your time “working out” if your goal is to shed fat or improve your overall health?

It’s scary, but research is proving to us over and over that cardio is NOT the answer to losing fat. You probably already know that, but…

… how do we replace cardio… even intervals?

I’ll get to that, but first…

Here’s my good friend Mike ‘Pancakes’ Whitfield who has lost over 100 lbs.

workout finishers


He’s just an every day dude, that loves pancakes (and he used to love a ton more food). He’s coached himself back into a healthy weight and he has a passion to help others get to their healthiest weight too.

He developed a program called ‘Workout Finishers’. He couldn’t stand the long boring cardio that many trainers would prescribe. He figured there’s got to be a better way and he was right. Science is proving that HIIT (high intensity interval training) is WAY more effective at burning fat and increasing fitness than time spent on the dreadmill.

It breaks my heart when I go into my gym and see a sea of treadmills with people, women especially, walking and reading a magazine. This is a waste of time and studies are even showing that some even GAIN weight with this protocol due to increased appetite with NO increased raise in metabolic rate.

When you’re on the treadmill (or other ‘cardio’ machine), you typically burn calories while on that equipment, but the calorie burning stops when the workout stops.

The beauty of workout finishers and styles of training like it is that you burn MORE calories while DOING the exercise, but in addition, you burn MORE even once the exercise stops.

Sign me up for that! I’ll burn more calories even when I’m DONE my workout? No joke.

So Mike’s program is based on this premise. You can do a workout ‘finisher’ at the end of your current workout to add to the calorie burning metabolism raising effect, or you can pair up a few finishers to use as an entire workout. Perfect for when you’re on the road, or can’t get to your workout for any other reason.

Here are some a cool finisher ideas from Mike:

 Lower Body Ladder Finisher

Do a count down set of the following:

Goblet squat 8 reps

DB or KB swing 10 reps

DB sumo squat 8 reps

DB or KB swing 10 reps

Continue to count down on the goblet squat and DB sumo squats, but continue to do 10 reps on the DB or KB swings.

Here’s another one:

 Metabolic Dosey Doh

DB squat and press

DB two arm row

DB or KB swing

Do 15 reps of each exercise, rest for 35 seconds, repeat this entire set 3 times.

As you can see, Mike’s workouts are short and sweet, only adding a few minutes to the end of your workout, or you can pair them up to make your own workout.

It’s all part of Mike’s brand new Workout Finishers 2.0 System. This very easy “plug and play” system will show you exactly how to get rid of ALL cardio FOREVER, even outdated interval training.

And right now, it’s MORE than HALF off to celebrate its official release

In addition to all 51 BRAND NEW Workout Finishers that use “Metabolic Stacking” AND the new 4-week workout program “Metabolic Chaos”, you’ll also get the Finishers Express Workout System that include workouts that last only 21 minutes 100% FREE.

But there is a catch. This bonus is only available TODAY for anyone who grabs the Workout Finishers 2.0 system during this special launch celebration.

workout finishers 2.0

Oh ya, and make sure to send me your receipt I can send you this, it’s a preview of my new program (more video follow along workouts) that will be released in May:

Challenge Fat Loss

(Now this is a PDF, you’ll get full follow along videos when the real deal is released.) Just forward me your receipt for Workout Finishers 2.0 and I’ll send this your way.


Challenge WorkoutsThis is about as effective as treadmill workouts can be anyway…Do Workout Finishers instead ;)