Fav Ab Moves and a Circuit

I get asked ALL the time what the BEST moves are for the abdomen and how to tighten and tone the tummy.


Guess what?


Here’s your BEST move:

Seriously, things like burpees and mountain climbers, anything that gets you hot and sweaty and uses ALL your muscles will really help burn the most amount of calories which will burn off your belly fat best.


Studies show that when you exercise, and when you dial in your nutrition, the FIRST place fat will be burned is from the belly area. That’s good news for us.


You’ll want to do a workout like this one to tighten and tone your belly. Notice how there’s only ONE ab move in the circuit:


Do 10 reps of each exercise, 9 reps of each exercise, 8 reps…all the way to 1 rep of each exercise:

  • burpee

  • DB row

  • squat jump

  • push up

  • mountain climber

  • bicycle crunch


If you want to know what my favorite ab moves are to throw into a set, then these are typically my ‘go to’ ab exercises and you can always substitute these exercises in:




Take a look:


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My webmaster is putting the finishing touches on this page that will be available any minute now. You’ll have me coaching you through ALL your workouts while my workout victims…err buddies show you ways to modify and intensify each move.  You can watch the videos online or download and save for later. You’ll have me in your ear and on your screen so you won’t feel like you’re going it alone, even when you’re in the comfort of your living room.

Good times.


By the way, if you already have my program, stay tuned and the download link to this page will be emailed your way.

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