Q and A March 22, 2013

Challenge workouts


Question for Rick Kaselj – Injury expert: What’s the best way to alleviate knee pain when I’m not in the gym?

Answer (from Rick Kaselj): When you are not at the gym, you could actually be irritating your knee and this could lead to more serious knee pain or injuries.

Look at what you are doing right now when it comes to your knee.

Are you sitting down with your knees bent? Are your feet crossed? Are your feet behind you and under your chair? All of these positions put greater stress on the knee, leading to irritation of the knee, which leads to knee pain.

The happiest position for your knee is when it is straight. As the knee joint bends, greater stress gets put on the joints and ligaments in the knee.

Let me explain what goes on. As you bend your knee, your kneecap presses against your knee, leading to anterior knee pain. If your knee is bent, you increase the tension in the ligaments in the knee, like the ACL, which can lead to ligamentous knee pain.

Lastly if you have internal knee pain, the greater the knee is bent, the more it puts unnecessary stress inside the knee joint.

If you sit in this bent knee position for hours, it will progressively make your knee pain worse.

While you are sitting at your desk, on the couch, in a meeting, while watching a movie, remember to keep your knees straight. This will decrease the stress on your knees and help your knees become pain free.

If you’re going to a game or to the movies this weekend keep this tip in mind.

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Question: I don’t like doing weighted pull ups with the weight attached to my waist. I find it cumbersome, the weight hits my knees and it bothers my lower back. Do you have any other suggestions?

Answer: Here’s a cool way to do weight pull ups. It involves using a band, but you use it in the opposing way as when you use the band for assistance. Rather than attach the band at the bar at the top, attach the band at the bottom. It works best when you can clip the band to a duplex pulley cable on either side of the bar. Then put the band around your neck. You will have added weight on the concentric contraction (or on the way up) and you’ll have more resistance on the eccentric contraction (or on the way down from the bar).

My only complaint with this is “OUCH” if you don’t put your hair up!

pull up exercise
Notice the band attached at the floor and then around the back of my neck.


pull up exercise
The band provides added weight for an even more challenging negative 😉


For more tips to improve your pull up power, head HERE.



And finally….

Question: Will weight lifting make women big?

weight lifting for women

Sorry, I couldn’t resist..

In reality, my house is actually always full of cupcakes. It’s my daughters hobby to bake cupcakes from recipes she finds on Pintrest. However, no one eats cupcakes in our house. (But they sure are pretty to look at ;))