MMA Workout?

Children can be cruel. Especially to their mother. Let me explain…

At one point, I thought it would be a good idea to take Fitness Kickboxing to incorporate into my boot camps.

I took the Level 1 Kickboxing Certification and I really enjoyed it. I love learning and I love to do new things, especially when it involves training. I honestly couldn’t see myself pursuing kickboxing for my own personal fitness, but I could definitely see merit in it.

Before unleashing my kick boxing prowess on my boot campers, I figured I’d better practice up. Spending a day in the presence of an instructor, following his lead is one thing, but leading a group is something entirely different.

I took to practicing after my workouts. At that point, I had a gym in my garage, so there I’d be kicking and punching in the mirror and practicing my instructions.

In the middle of a particularly devastating combination, I heard something….

I turned to see my son, then about 10 sitting on the steps stifling laughter. Once I saw him, he burst out and nearly rolled down the stairs.

From then on, I’ve always threatened him with my vicious kickboxing skills. I promised to protect him in any case of danger with my lethal kicks and punches. Any would-be-villain would be incapacitated with fits of laughter 😉

challenge workouts


As it turned out, I incorporated kickboxing in my boot camp. I had little experience with it so wasn’t super confident. Some of my clients took to it, but I think most rolled their eyes at my efforts.

Seriously, this sort of thing should be left to the experts.


challenge workouts

I’d like to introduce you to a real expert, Egan Inoue.

He’s a cool dude that I’ve known for a while. He runs a Fit Body Boot Camp in Hawaii, (I know, that’s a tough place to live). He has literally hundreds of clients on the island that can’t wait to train with him because of his unique and inspiring workouts.

Egan was a five, yes FIVE time world champion in MMA.  (This was after two world championship titles in racquet ball and two world titles in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.) The cool thing is that Egan’s managed to drill down his MMA training into routines that average (I’ll admit to aspiring to average in this arena…) people like me.

When we were in Miami recently, Egan showed me some cool moves:



As you can see, Egan has some pretty cool moves that will add variety to your workouts. Fun stuff that you can do that not only make you look super tough (admit it now, you were a little intimidated by me right? ;)) but will help you gain balance, strength, confidence and coordination.

If you’re going to learn MMA style moves, why not learn from the very best?

Don’t come to people like me, (unless of course you want to be reduced to fits of laughter and not get any workout at all). Sadly, I was even one of the better people in that course I took. Don’t waste your time with trainers that don’t know what they’re doing in this area.

What I like about Egan’s training, is that he incorporates things I already know, like the lunge, the push up etc, and then spins it with his moves. It’s not like I have to learn EVERYTHING. The problem with other programs is that there’s skill elements required so that until you have these mastered, you don’t get much of a workout.

You get a workout right away with the MMA Bodyweight System.

If you’re looking for something new, the MMA Bodyweight System is a great change.

Also, I was impressed with the strength gains some of his clients boosted:

You know I’m all over anything that will help with strength, particularly pull ups and push ups.

We’re just scratching the surface. The part I was most amazed at was an ENTIRE group of women used these same combination of workouts 3-4 days a week and ran the Honolulu marathon in under 5 hours.… without ANY long distance training.

Egan’s workouts are quick and effective. So much so that he’s in demand from everyone around him. He even trains Scott Caan and Alex O’Lachlan from Hawaii Five-O. They know that Egan will get them lean and chiseled and will help them stay in amazing shape for their demanding roles.

Check it out HERE and see if his program is right for you. He’s made ALL his workouts into a follow along format so you’ll get coaching from a 7 time world champion. I don’t think you can do better than that!

MMA bodyweight system