More Bad Ass Training

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Yup, I’m working on my bad ass-ery-ness (it’s a word, look it up :))

So far I’m zero for one.

My New Year’s Resolution was to ‘drink more’, but I’ve been unsuccessful thus far.

Oh, and by using the word ‘thus’ I think that disqualifies me from the ‘bad ass finals’. Dang!

Now by using the word ‘dang’, I’m definitely in the hole….

I’m a bit of a bad ass failure, but where training is concerned, I’m still in the running.

How about this workout from Unbreakable Bad Ass Blueprint
Day 1

1A)Burpee + Vertical Jump 5 x 3

***Hit a Full Burpee then EXPLODE Straight Up Into A Vertical Jump

***If possible, do with a target above head (basketball hoop, ceiling, ect to help measure height of jump)

***Not for fatigue -for POWER

2A) Find Your 3 Rep Max Front Squat

***Do 2 sets of 5 light then go down to 3 reps and do sets @ 3 until you find a weight that is extremely difficult / heavy @ 3 reps

***Spend no more then 15-20 mins here and BE SMART

3A) DB Front Loaded Walking Lunge 3 x 5 / Leg

***Hold in front rack position (top of the curl position)

3B) L-Sit Holds / L Sit Practice

3 x max time OR at least 30 secs TUT (time under tension)

4A) Pull Ups x 3 sets of submax

4B)Handstand Push Ups (HSPU) OR Pike Pressesx 3 sets of submax

***Rest 60 secs between movements and rounds

5A) 2 Min AMRAP of Sit outs:

More good news, if you grab Travis’ program, you’ll have access to his fast action bonuses.

The 4 Week “Badass” Bodyweight Preparation Manual

Travis just added this in as a FAST ACTION LAUNCH BONUS to his newly released UNBREAKBLE BADASS Blueprint training system.

What makes this so valuable is that it adds in another way for people who aren’t quite up to their potential “badass” level of fitness quite yet and gives them a 28 day preparation guide to help get them jump started.

I skimmed through the manual and it’s NO joke.

If you follow the simple progressions that Travis has laid out, you’ll no doubt be ready to take on not just phase 1 of his system, but you’ll be ready to take on just about any program out there.

The bonus of the 28 Day Bodyweight ONLY program?

You’ll burn fat, build muscle and get extremely conditioned…

Oh and the nice little “BEAST TEST” he has waiting for you at the end of the 4 weeks will prove to be a fun time for you as well 😉

Check it out here:  28 Day Bodyweight Prep Manual with Special Launch BONUS

If you didn’t know this,  body weight training is the KEY ingredient in helping you get stronger, highly conditioned, and most of all, injury FREE.

Without body weight strength and conditioning, you’ll be setting yourself up for failure, so be smart about your training and grab this now for your future bad ass-ness 😉