Snow day workout

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Stuck at home?

I was the other day…as you can see out my window, there was so much snow it made travel a bit treacherous.

So instead of getting a workout by pushing my car out of the inevitable snow bank, I hit my home gym. You don’t need a gym to do this workout.

Here’s what you’ll do… 10 reps of each:
incline push up
squat to bench
DB single arm row each side
bench tricep extension
100 skips with the jump rope (or phantom skip with no rope)

Repeat this 3 to 5 times depending on your time, energy and fitness level.

For more fun at home ideas, check out my program that you can do with very little time, space or equipment.

I’m looking forward to spring so that I can set you up with a workout that I do outside in the yard when I don’t feel like hitting the gym.