Bad Ass Training

I recently presented at Fitness Business Summit 2013. It’s a gathering of over 500 trainers looking for ways to help their clients with their fitness. I was pretty honored to be able to share some knowledge about best practices in running boot camps.

Like there wasn’t enough pressure to get on stage, (you know to find a non-Lululemon outfit, shoes I wouldn’t trip up the stairs with, oh and some cool content to deliver), I had to pick an ‘entry’ song to walk onto the stage.

challenge workouts

While the song that MOST personifies me is likely ‘Mary Poppins – A Spoonful of Sugar’, that probably isn’t the coolest of tunes. I’m the biggest goody-two-shoes out there, although I’m seriously working on my ‘bad ass’ side.

So, to be cool, I chose George Thorogood’s ‘Bad to the Bone’, but I fessed up that I was just a ‘bad ass in training’.

I’m known to many in our circles as the ‘fitness mom’. I have dental floss, or ibuprofen, ginger, cough drops or a tissue close at hand for those that need it. I’m quick to give a hug or kick someone’s butt, (you know with ‘tough love’).

I’ll never lose my ‘Mary Poppins’ ways, that’s just me, but being a ‘bad ass’ could be fun too, right?

One of my first slides was my attempt at bad ass-ery in the gym:

human flag


I pointed out that anyone can do a bad ass human flag if they know how to use ‘Photo Shop’ 😉

Given this picture, I think I’m more of an ‘intermediate bad ass’ in the gym. I’ll work on my muscle up in order to achieve the ‘advanced bad ass’ status…

The purpose of this picture was that I wanted to remind every trainer in the crowd that they needed to take care of their own fitness. I’m saddened to see that sometimes trainers fall prey to busy schedules and they let their own fitness slide. I’m of the mind that to truly inspire and lead people in fitness, you need to walk the walk yourself.


I wanted to introduce you to a dude in my fitness circle that ‘walks the walk’, Travis Stoetzel:

travis stoetzel


This guy is a machine. You’ll see proof of that in the video below.

We always want to do a challenge together, but the events we go to tend to keep us working instead of working out and we just haven’t managed to get to the gym at the same time. (Or maybe he’s avoiding me? I tend to have that affect on a lot of people….)

Fun challenge eh? (That’s Canadian ya know…)

We did this at last year’s Fitness Business Summit, since then Travis has been up to a lot of cool things, one of which is competing in high level Crossfit competitions as well as creating a great program called ‘The Unbreakable Bad Ass Blueprint’

He calls the special programming within his new training system, “Controlled Chaos”.

Travis defines his “Controlled Chaos” as being the perfect blend of focused strength work, power training, and intense conditioning all mixed together into a perfect progressive-based training program.

Travis likes to say that his new program is “Like Crossfit with ALL of the good, minus the BAD”.

Am I calling Crossfit BAD? Well, not exactly. I think there’s a place for Crossfit, I just don’t think it’s for everyone. I like an element of competition, but I think that workout form should override competitiveness. Often times I’ve seen the ‘quality’ in training  deteriorate in an effort for ‘more’, ‘faster’, ‘heavier’…you get what I mean.

In any case, Travis’ program is beyond the typical ‘workout of the day’ which isn’t necessarily based on any concept of progression.

I know I may ruffle a few feathers by calling out Crossfit, no apologies here. Whether the intention of the organization is to maintain exercise form during training or not, the fact is, it usually doesn’t happen. So there. Tongue whip me if you’d like in the comment section 😉

Back to Travis…

What I respect most about him, is how he’s able to help so many people safely get results with his proven, and unconventional training methods.

The proof is in the pudding and I’m 110% on board with adding his “Controlled Chaos” method into my training.

You’ll burn fat, add on some lean functional muscle, and just become a better athlete overall (even if you don’t play sports).

Travis Stoetzel
It certainly works for Travis…

Either way, I couldn’t miss out on sharing this powerful training program with you, as I know this system will literally flip your workouts upside down.

You can check out Travis’ NEW program here…

It’s on sale for only $27 this week. Stay posted for a workout sample tomorrow.

I’m gonna be a bad ass if it kills me 😉

Travis Stoetzel