Snowy Day Workout

challenge workout

This is what I have to look forward to some days here in Calgary….

I love what I call my ‘egg chair’ that is nestled in this window. It’s just me and Mac (book) on a Saturday or Sunday morning. When the weather is frightful outside, I cozy up and plug away at my laptop. Then I may hit my home gym or venture to the ‘Good Life’ where I train.

Last Sunday my daughter had to work and her car wasn’t cooperating in the snow storm. She was stuck and texted me to come help. We managed to push her out of a snow bank and back into our driveway (with the help of handsome and helpful ‘Oliver’- where did HE come from?)

I left my egg chair, as a good mama should, to drive her to work. I pretended to be cool the entire way, even though I was white knuckled on the steering wheel under my mitts. I hadn’t seen snow like that in a long time. Even at mid day, I was making my own tracks in the snow on well traveled roads. It was snowing that hard.

My plan was to hit the gym on the way home, but I was so worn out from nerves and that drive that I decided to train at home. This is what I came up with:

This is a quick home workout that requires only a bench and a dumb bell. A timer comes in handy, but you can always count reps if you don’t have one.
Do 30 sec or 10 reps of:
decline push ups
squat jumps
DB single row each side
box jump burps
human flag plank each side (count to 30 with no timer 😉

Repeat up to five times.

After this mini workout, it was back on the road to pick Hannah up. Roads were a little better later in the day.

Oh the joys of living in the north!

Also, I wanted to mention that I’ve been doing some nutrition research and thought you’d enjoy this quiz, even though it’s about a bit of a gross subject.