Q and A March 8th, 2013

Challenge workouts


I keep getting questions about hanging leg raises…

Question: Why do my hip flexors hurt when I do hanging leg raises?

Answer: It appears that your hip flexors are the weak link in the chain. Support the legs at the bottom of the movement and work on rocking the hips. Check out the video at about 1:24 for a demonstration on how to rock the hips so you’ll work the core more than the hip flexors (excuse the butt shot). Think ‘hips to ribs’ rather than just lifting the knees up to really challenge your core. If you’re just lifting the knees to the waist, you won’t target the core as much. Rock those hips!


I’ve been sharing information from Registered Dietician Brett Hall this week.  It’s some scary stuff that people don’t much like to think about. I’ve been getting some questions, but since Brett is the authority, I”m going to let him tell the story…

At the link below my good friend and Registered Dietician, Brett Hall, is giving away a BRAND NEW report that reveals why it’s very likely that YOUR belly (yes, yours) is INFESTED with TOXIC bugs and health-destroying bacteria… and how to get rid of it fast!

In fact, due to exposure to an array of every day “household” items, this condition is silently affecting 9 out of 10 adults, with MAJOR health consequences and a continual struggle with your weight to come if left unresolved (don’t let this be you!):

==> The TOP 10 Gut-Cleansing Foods (flush out TOXIC bacteria and BUGS)

In this report Brett will show you how specific foods when eaten regularly can quickly cleanse your gut of health-derailing toxic bacteria, along with the #1 WORST food for your gut (and how toxic belly bugs feed and multiply on it every time you eat it).

But perhaps best of all, he’s even going to show you his #1 drop-dead SIMPLE gut-cleansing trick that you can perform in less than 2 short minutes, literally anywhere, and practically without thinking.

Get your free copy here:

==> The TOP 10 Gut-Cleansing Foods (flush out TOXIC bacteria and BUGS)



Question: Shawna, who’s your favorite artist?

Answer: Well, he’s passed on, but he’ll always hold a special place in my heart….man I miss this guy: