How to Make a Burpee More Fun ;)

I’m happy to report that the New Year’s resolutions that gym goers declared January 1st seem to still be in effect. (At least in my gym anyway).

challenge workouts

Good for them, bad for me…

When I train, I tend to hog a lot of equipment. I managed to do this in my own private gym for many years and seem to forget that I’m in a public place where I train now. (It is still MY gym isn’t it??)

In any case, I was in the gym the other day. It was actually on the day that I was supposed to be in Michigan filming Mike Whitfield’s Workout Finishers but couldn’t due to a weather related cancelled flight… 🙁

All the equipment that I wanted to use was taken. I wanted to do a workout that focused on back.

The only place I can really do pull ups at my gym is within the duplex pulley rack. I hate to hog that whole rack (but often do;) ) so I snuck (is that a word?) into the personal training area. There’s this awesome TRX rack that’s the perfect height for pull ups for me. The TRX straps are always locked up (heaven forbid we use functional equipment without the expert advice of a trainer – I’ll shut up on that right now…) and no one is allowed in there without a personal trainer. I walked in there like I owned the place and smiled at the trainers in there taking their clients through their paces and everyone left me alone.

After I started my workout, everyone gave me my space. Maybe they thought I’d ask them to join in.

It was a super ‘fun’ count down workout. Mentally I like to count down from 10 reps to 1 rep.  Good times…

These were the exercises:

  • Pull up burpee box jump (a great way to make a pull up or burpee pull up more fun…add a box jump)
  • Renegade row (per arm)
  • DB pull over
  • Hanging leg raise
  • 30 sec plank recovery

I timed this and managed it in 28:18 to go from 10 reps of each exercise to 1 rep of all.


challenge workouts

challenge workouts


challenge workout

This was a fun workout and I didn’t hog THAT much equipment or disturb the personal trainers in their space too much. I love this sort of workout: fast, focused, fat burning and strength building (actually, a little preview of what I have coming out soon…)

Enjoy and let me know how it goes.

Oh ya, learn to do better pull ups HERE 😉