Upper Body Challenges

Remember my friend Tyler Bramlett?

challenge workouts

Tyler introduced the idea of movement progressions here.

He has a cool Warrior Warm up here,  an awesome lower body progressive program here and a great ab program here.

Tyler is the master at creating workout progressions. If you’re looking for some fun variations for your upper body, let’s start with a challenge workout video that he made just for us:

In this workout, Tyler suggests doing 30 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of rest for 4 full rounds.

The exercises in the video include:
pull ups (or variation that you can do)
vertical pike push ups
Iranian twisting push ups

To do 4 sets of pull ups may require you grab your band to do band assisted pull ups, inverted rows, suspension rows or even DB rows. Just make sure you’re working your back with this set.

Now to do the vertical pike push up, walk your feet up a wall and balance in a near vertical position. This is a great lead up to the hand stand push up.

I have no idea where the Iranian Twisting push up comes from. Iran? Really Tyler 😉 How did you blame the Iranians for this one? In any case, it’s a tough one and worth a try as you’ll find that it lights your core on fire.

As you can see, Tyler has some fun variations that will spice up your home training. You’ll get 45 ‘done for you’ workouts in his ‘Upper Body Warrior’ program.

You can grab his program HERE.

challenge workouts


This is how Tyler describes the KEY to his program:

The PM3 Method stands for Progressive Movement 3

Hardcore style functional training (the real shit, not the pussy Swiss ball crap) is all the rage these days. However there is a huge gap in the market for information that teaches people how to properly progress from their conventional workouts to hardcore functional training workouts in the safest most effective way possible.

Instead of giving one size fits all workout routines expecting everyone to do the same exercises. The PM3 method outlines 5 different levels of movement. Each level becomes a more complicated movement in one or more of the 3 areas of the PM3.

You see, most programs focus on adding reps, sets, weight or speed and while this is important, the Warrior Upper Body Training System and the PM3 Method combines the following 3 factors in each level of the system.

Strength/Stability – It addresses the contractile capacity of the muscles in a given movement pattern, and the stability of your joints through increasingly complex exercises.

Flexibility/Range Of Motion – It addresses your ability to move through full ranges of motion with control so you can build flexibility and strength at the same time.

Balance/Coordination – It addresses an increase in your balance and coordination through increasingly complexity on each level of each exercise.

A step-by-step upper body training system that teaches you the safe and effective way to incorporate bodyweight and weighted functional training exercises in your upper body workouts!

Hardcore no B.S. functional training routines are becoming more and more popular each and every year. I know you’re interested in challenging yourself with functional training style workouts.

However, the programs that are available online present a certain risk of injury associated with them and sometimes get a little ridiculous on the “functional training” exercises. Most online programs are simply highlighting the exercises you should be using and workouts that go along with them. They are however neglecting to outline a safe and effective way to progress into functional training without the risk of getting injured.

It can be frustrating for you to learn to apply functional training into your workouts and often you may go from program to program never really finding what you want, which is a detailed blueprint on how to get stronger and build functional muscle in your workouts.

The bottom line is I know you’re hungry to learn how to do hardcore functional training workouts but what you’re getting is poor information that will most likely not fit your current level and likely harm you.

With the Warrior Upper Body Training System, you’ll be walked step by step through 5 different levels of exercises, this way you can properly ease into real functional training workouts without the risk of getting injured in the shortest time possible. Once you discover your current level you’ll follow a detailed set of exercises and workouts until competency is gained on those movements. From there you graduate to the next level and continue your upward trend of success!

I know lots of you loved his Warrior Warm Up, Warrior Lower Body Workouts and Warrior Ab Workouts, so now’s your chance to grab the Warrior Upper Body Workout. Click here.