17 Minute Fat Burner

How many of you are a slave to the treadmill? Any cardio junkies out there?

I would hope that my nagging you to get off the treadmill will start to take. Science is clear that steady state cardio is the LEAST effective method of fat loss.

Multiple studies have also shown that High Intensity Training with Resistance Training yields a higher loss of subcutaneous fat compared to that of steady state aerobic cardio-respiratory training.  With this style of training (HIIT with resistance training), you’re burning a high amount of fat AND a high amount of calories in a short time and the BEST part is that your body CONTINUES to burn extra calories even AFTER you’re done training.

As many of you know, I did a few days of video taping in Lapeer, Michigan at my friend, Brian Kalakay’s gym, super trainer and fellow Canuck, Sean Francis joined us:

challenge fat loss
Sean is on the large side 😉


Okay, here’s our team:

challenge fat loss
Sean is on his knees here 😉


We spent Friday night and all of Saturday and Sunday filming follow along videos for you. Here’s an inside look at some of the fun we had:

Duh, of course there are pull ups…


Sean: ‘Is this band placement correct?’


challenge fat loss
Squat jumps, burpees, you name it…


challenge fat loss
These dudes sweated non stop…


challenge fat loss
“I’m SOXY and I know it…”


challenge fat loss
FOOD! Well deserved…


We had a ton of fun and after 33 workouts ended it all with a trip to this frozen yogurt place where I’m sure I ate my weight in fro-yo as Brian calls it. Man I was starving. We had dessert first and then drove into Flint for dinner and I jumped on an airplane home. I was starving when I got home. I was starving the next day too.

Don’t worry, you won’t be starving when you do these new workouts, but if you do 33 of them in a weekend, you probably will be. BTW, I didn’t do ALL 33 workouts, we took turns coaching and doing workouts. The coaching was really exhausting too, so between the coaching and the training, I figured we all earned the fro-yo.

Here’s a teaser workout for you. This is the kind of thing you’ll expect in my next video follow along plan:

Do 40 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds transition, repeat this circuit 4 total times:

  • jump rope
  • pull ups (assisted pull up, band pull up, suspension pull up, inverted row, DB row)
  • DB weighted squat or prisoner squat
  • burpee
  • plank recovery

Good fun!

Stay tuned for more teasers of my new program and in the mean time, if you want to know how you can eat your weight in fro-yo or any of your favorite foods, click here

You’ll find 23 Belly Blasting Foods to eat to help drop belly fat.

challenge workouts


PS. Mike ‘Mr Finisher’ Whitfield lured me back to Michigan with the promise of pancakes. I’ll head back there this week to help film his Workout Finishers. Dang I must be crazy…but stay tuned for some workouts smothered in ‘awesome sauce’ as Mikey would say.