Suspension Training? A Welcome Change

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This is my friend, Dan Long. I was visiting Power House Gym in Tampa, Florida. It was Super Bowl weekend and a huge group of us hit the gym before the game. Man it was high energy fun!

If you want to go to a gym with super fit people and awesome equipment, Power House Gym in Tampa is one of the finest. Dan brings a lot of the ‘awesomeness’ to the gym with his enthusiasm and energy. We hit the TRX room and Dan was on! This dude knows what to do with a suspension trainer. Loads of fun, and wow was it a different workout.

Dan put together this circuit for us (see below). Here are the moves:

Sprinter start

Ham curl

Chest cross over

T row

Plank abduction


Try this circuit:

Do 50 seconds of work of each followed by 10 seconds rest or transition to get into the next position (the ham curl and plank abduction are quick changes). Repeat 3-5 times. Here’s how it looks:

  • sprinter start right leg
  • sprinter start left leg
  • ham curl
  • chest cross over
  • T row
  • plank abduction


If you like suspension training, you’re gonna love Dan Long’s new program called ‘Suspension Revolution‘. You’ll find 27 intense workouts using the suspension trainer and over 190 exercises and ways to use a suspension trainer that most people wouldn’t dream.

suspension revolution 2.0

I wanted to be sure you knew what you’re getting your hands on, so here is what you get with his brand new Suspension Revolution System:

4-Week TRX Beginner Revolution – Even if you’re a fitness veteran, you’ll want to start with the beginner program to wake up your muscles with some of these workouts

4-Week TRX Intermediate Revolution – Move onto these cool workouts and see that you’ll get leaner and stronger and you’ll never be bored.

12-Week TRX Advanced Revolution – Dan would call this one ‘Kill Mode’ (see his shirt in the picture ;)). You’ll see advanced never before seen exercises and routines.

Bonus Videos The Top 10 TRX Exercises That No One Else Does – Self explanatory, right? Give these a try, but be warned, they’re very advanced.

And Dan will be there every step of the way with follow-along videos for those weird exercises… oh, and I didn’t mention…

12 Strap Finishers – My pal, Mike ‘Mr Finisher’ Whitfield has a bonus for you to add to the fun.

 Here’s the link. All that value, seems like a no brainer for a welcome workout change.

Oh, and to make it even better, since it recently was Dan’s birthday, he wanted to give you a coupon code where you’ll get 50% off.

Just use the code: BirthdaySale  on the check out page to save!