Fat Loss Tip and Circuit

What’s the best way to lose fat and improve your pull up power all at once?

Here’s a little known fact:

Fat burning is improved in the presence of growth hormone. You can naturally increase growth hormone production by increasing lactic acid. Lactic acid is produced when training anaerobically.

Here’s the biggest thing to remember: Lose the steady state cardio and replace it with HIIT along with your strength training.

Here’s a cool circuit to include along with your strength training:
3 squat jumps
3 push ups
3 pull ups
Repeat 5 times

If you can’t get unassisted pull ups, use a band assisted pull up. This also increases lactic acid production through eccentric training.

Win win!

You’ll increase fat burning and improve your pull up power all at once.

I often will do this mini circuit in between my strength training sets. For example, I’ll do a set of heavy squats, then five rounds of this circuit before heading back to heavy squats. The cool thing is that this circuit can be thrown in when you’re training ANY body part. It increases metabolism, increases lactic acid production, increases growth hormone to help with fat loss.


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