Best Workout for Fat Loss?

D. I. E. T.

There’s a four letter word if I ever saw one…

Many try to lose fat through diet alone. This creates a smaller version of the same soft and squishy body.

Sorry for the hard facts, but that’s just the way it is. If you’re happy to always wear long sleeves, long pants and NEVER be seen naked, then go ahead and diet all day long.

But there are actually BETTER ways to lose fat. One way is MUCH better than the other, but either way is preferable over dieting alone.

And I should add the the BEST way to lose fat is to COMBINE diet and one of the fat loss methods below (hint: pick #2!), but you decide…

Let’s look at those two ways to burn fat….

1. The least effective fat burning workout is steady state cardio. You will burn calories while you workout, but the calorie burning stops when the workout stops. This is boring and takes a lot of time.

2. The MOST effective fat burning workout incorporates strength training and HIIT. This sort of workout is twofold in it’s effectiveness:

-strength training increases lean muscle tone to increase metabolism even at rest

-HIIT increases lactic acid production which is a precursor to growth hormone. GH helps the body burn fat more effectively.

-Between an increase in lean muscle and increase in naturally occurring GH, a workout that includes strength training and HIIT is a win-win!

Do workouts that provide this in a 30 minute format so you’ll have a quick, fun and fat burning workout in no time flat.

No one can really say they don’t have 30 minutes per day to devote to their health.

Here’s a little video to review what I just talked about:

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