Two Cool Back Moves…

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My friend, Nick Nilsson, also known as the ‘Mad Scientist of Muscle’ has a cool move for you here:

This is a great movement for maximizing back development. You’re going to perform two distinct movements for your back in one set.

You’ll start with a normall pulldown movement, then holding the handle in that bottom position, you’ll lean back. Then you’ll do a cable row the rest of the way down.

This targets both the vertical and horizontal pulling movements of your back in one shot.

Use a moderate weight on this one…it’s about tight form and tension. Using too much weight will compromise the exercise.

Here’s another cool video from Nick Nilsson (as if pull ups weren’t hard enough as it is ;))…

This is a great lat-width exercise that uses two bands stretched horizontally across the chin-up bar. Set your left wrist through the right band and your right wrist through the left band then set them wide on the bar to get some stretch in the bands. This will put tension on the lats immediately. Then as you do the exercise, you’ll get even MORE tension on the outer aspect of the lat fibers. Very effective for building lat width.

If you’d like to see 145 amazing back exercises to strengthen your back and improve your pull ups, check out this out HERE.

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