Lucky #7 Bodyweight Challenge

Body weight workouts are super fun, especially when you’re in a rush, can’t get to the gym and have limited equipment.

This workout is a keeper for all the above reasons. Granted you need a pull up bar, but a tree branch, door jam, or a shower curtain rod would do the trick 😉 (note: do NOT use the shower curtain rod unless you only weight about 20 lbs…).

In any case this workout is a good one since it’s a full body workout and it’s a challenge.

challenge workouts

I call it ‘Lucky #7’

Equipment: Pull up bar

Warm up

Do this workout AMRAP style. Put 20 minutes on the clock and go:

  • 7 squat jumps (squats)
  • 7 decline push ups (regular or modified push up)
  • 7 (per leg) bicycle crunch
  • 7 (per leg) jumping lunges (reverse lunge)
  • 7 pull ups (assisted pull up)

Cool down

Trust me, if you can get pull ups repeatedly in this workout, you have more than luck on your side. You’re a pull up rock star.

Feel free to swap out inverted rows, assisted pull ups, band pull ups or suspension pull ups in it’s place. But for goodness sake, if you want to get better at pull ups, you have to actually do them. I know that sounds a little crazy right? Seriously, so many people tell me that they can’t do pull ups and when questioned when they last tried, they’re stuck for an answer. I know this is NOT you…

Pull ups are a little humbling to do in a gym. Especially when you’re learning. But whenever I see someone on the bar and trying I have to hand it to them for their effort and will. Pull ups are tough and the only way to get better is to just keep at it.

You’ll see some tips in this video, along with a demo of each of the exercises in the workout.

Have some fun with this challenge workout, it will challenge your pull ups and get you fit in one fell swoop 😉

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